Category: Avoiding Karma – Revisited

Love is the true antidote to all karmic influences. When one is “in love” one is in peace and harmony with everything and everyone. This is not love in the human sense but in the spiritual or energetic sense. Human love is based upon physical attraction, whereas spiritual/energetic love is based upon an understanding, and […]
Happiness is a product of joy and is an outward facing example of joyful existence, thinking and being. Personal happiness is the long term effect of being “in joy” and bridges the gaps in-between joyful experiences. The “Joy-Happiness-Joy-Happiness-Joy” cycle is a profoundly efficient way of increasing ones frequencies, especially when the experience of joy and […]
Experiencing joy in one’s incarnate life is to touch the very nerve of high frequency existence. When one “en-joys” one is “in-joy”. When one is “in-joy” one is in tune with all things and all things are in tune with one. This feeling is a sign that one is experiencing the high frequencies of spirit […]
Contrast is a little known and mostly ignored function of comparison. To “compare and contrast” ones situation in relation to another’s, is to judge the difference in that situation and draw a conclusion about its acceptability in the light of the newly acquired “standard” of a potentially better situation to be in, even though it […]
Being “in control” is like colluding with a false friend. Although control is useful if used in situations that require one to control the self and others, such as in emergencies or in situations of crisis, it is detrimental outside of those contexts. Control is detrimental when one applies it to one’s self and when […]
Complaining about one’s position, status, situation, lack of ability, lack of help, health, or even that we feel we have been given a raw deal in some way, is a function of low frequency intoxication. Low frequency intoxication is a karmic function that results in being so engrossed with physical existence, that one forgets that […]
Comparison of any sort breeds discontent and discontent breeds further comparison, leading to minor depression. The depression being fueled by the comparison generated discontent creates a downward spiral based loop that perpetuates downward progression and major depression. Such a downward spiral is extremely difficult to recognize within oneself and even more difficult to reverse. Comparison of any […]
The minerals that we use to create metals, ceramics, fuels and other materials are a gift to us from the earth. The earth in its sentience recognizes that our incarnate “human” vehicles are the tools we use for accelerating our evolution, and as such supports that which we do with its minerals provided we use […]
Knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to a tree, plant or vegetable is an act of violence against an aspect of our physical environment, nature, and therefore our creator, The Source Entity. Committing flora related violence therefore creates flora related Karma. Although perceived by incarnate humanity as a lower life form, the kingdom of flora […]
As with the incarnate human vehicle, knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to an “animal” incarnate vehicle is not the behavior of an evolved “incarnate” individual and invokes tremendous karma and low frequency attachment. Especially, when the act of doing harm brings pleasure. One should recognize that the spirits that incarnate as animals are a […]
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