The History of God

The History of God

History Of God

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Extracts from The History of God

[I then suddenly saw the truth. The Origin was the end and everything was taking place within the Origin. All of the other 12 “Source entities” were split off from the Origin but were still contained within the Origin, they even appeared to pass around the outer edge of the origin. This is where I was getting confused and muddled up. I could see the others and their own experiments happening in front of me and around me was the environment that was the Origin.]

O: It was fantastic to see different parts of me doing things that I had absolutely no knowledge about. Eventually I got to the point that I needed to dig deeper and deeper with in myself to see what was going on. As I was doing this I noticed the lower the dimensions or frequencies, and you can have different frequency levels in a single dimension.

ME: You mean dimensions within dimensions?

O: Yes, that I noticed that at some level I was much slower and had difficulty in accessing the rest of my self.

ME: Would this be the physical levels?

O: Yes and others like it. It was at this point that I thought that it would be interesting to discover how I would react if I was in a position where I was totally cut off from myself. This I did for a certain un-discernible amount of time but discovered that I actually didn’t learn much as I didn’t have a task to do. I then decide that I would create the others and give these other parts of me the opportunity to do the same, but with both myself and them observing and learning / experiencing what was going on.

Your level is the lowest and most difficult and most fruitful in terms of the learning experience.

ME: So what made you decide upon the number 12 as the number of different parts of yourself to split off?

O: This was based upon distinction in the different levels of the dimensions within me. I noticed that there was a specific difference and that this was in 12 parts. So when I decided that I wanted to know more about myself I decided that it would be a good idea to have a part of me focus its attention to each one of these 12 dimensional zones. As I delved further into myself I also noticed that these 12 zones were also divided by 12 with each zone being separated by 12 dimensional octaves, each octave being a group of 3 dimensions.

Me: Wouldn’t you be better calling it a tritave?

O: Possibly but octave sounds better and is more easily understood by you in your current level of incarnation and ability to access the common knowledge base whilst using your conscious mind.

ME: So in affect you have 12x12x12x3 different dimensional levels, that is, 5184 dimensions.

O: Yes and each is divisible by the major dimension or an octave. This is why the numbers 12, 4 & 3 are important, 12 = a dozen (a bakers dozen = 13, the 12 plus 1 me!) the 12 disciples and 1 – Jesus – Me! 3 days for the spirit to totally leave a dead body, 4 octaves to a dimension (the 3 physical planes in your case plus 1 “time”) Also, you can make any number you like out of the manipulation of the numbers 4, 3 and 1.

[I tried it and he / it was right you could make any number.]

ME: What about different frequency levels?

O: The dimensions and the frequencies are in affect the same thing but one is separate whereas the other is together.

ME: Can you explain.

O: With a frequency change, the matter (spiritual or physical) is further apart from it’s lower frequency self, whereas with a higher dimensional level, the matter (spiritual or physical) is in the same place as its lower dimensional part. A dimension is therefore overlaid by time rather than frequency which is separated by a molecules speed and the space it occupies.

[I tried to see how this would look and my head started to hurt with the stretching of my mental boundaries.]

Comments from Happy Readers!

“What a nice surprise to hear directly from you. You can not know how much information and total enjoyment I received from your book. So much,that I purchased several more and passed them out to friends. I want this book to be as widely circulated as possible.

By the way, I am into my second reading because there is so much information presented. And, it may require a third reading…….”

I eagerly await your next book.

DT, Los Angeles – USA

“You are that person who is bringing: that New Spirituality and New Science for a New world. Jesus tried but he failed, Buddha tried but he failed and many others … and we can try it again and see what will happen. Hope to the last second is the miracle itself.

I wonder if people know … what you bring here is Big, Very Big.

All my respect to your work.”

BR, Belgium

“What a beautiful soul you are! I am half-way through your book and cannot put it down. How I have yearned for decades to see through this veil with eyes such as yours to understand the mathematical precision of “SE” and “O” in their manifestations and their boundless quest to express all-that-is. The moment I started reading your book, it spoke to my heart and soul. Words fail me to express my gratitude and the loving oneness with all that you encompass. If I could, I would fly to England to talk with you.”

AM, Albuquerque – USA

“I have been reading your book “The History of God.” I am really enjoying the book. I am also a student of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT. I found out about you through her. It’s though I have an internal pull for Dolores Cannon’s work and others such as yours. Your book is such an inspiring read.”

BH. Detroit – USA

“Your book is on it’s way to me and I know it’s the truth.”

CW. Derry – UK

“I just finished The History of God today. I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for writing it. I hope to read more. I found the part where Byron impersonates a dragon to scare you off really funny. It’s good to know we encounter a good sense of humor throughout the universe! Even the Source (our Source) seems relatable and close in your book. This book, together with Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe series, are absolute must reads in my opinion. Since the style is conversational, I would frequently think of new questions I’d like to ask the Source myself. Will there be other books to come? I hope so! Thank you for this great material you shared with us!”

FB. São José – Brazil

“I have just finished reading your book, and it is really the type of book that I have been searching for a very long time. I really don’t know how to put it into words how much having this information about the universe, our creation, star people means to me. It just pulls everything together for me, gives it all a framework, and all makes such sense.

Sometimes I would just lie in bed and just wish that I had a better knowledge about the universe and how it all worked, and up popped your book with everything that I had been seeking for so long. It really is such a gift and I think I could read it several times and still get so much out of it.”

“I am really looking forward to your new book, they are so different to anything else out there! If you are ever out in Australia let me know”

SG. Brisbane – Australia

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the meditation for experiencing the levels in The History of God book over the past few days. Now, I have been practicing meditation consistently for about the past 5 years, but by following your process I have reached my deepest meditative state ever! I can truly feel that I’m on the verge of really experiencing some sort of clairvoyant moment. I would usually meditate to some sort of guided meditation with music and someone speaking. That has worked pretty good for me but for some reason I have never been able to really quiet the mind for very long.

The past couple of days I’ve simply been putting in my ear buds to further quiet any outside noises. I then just follow your steps of opening my chakras and moving up the levels. I’ve been using the stairs right now though I may switch to the elevator at some point. For most of the meditation my mind has been fairly quiet which for me is quite a feat! On occasion a thought will creep in but I’ve been able to brush it to the side and just relax. Sometimes I feel as though I’m being called to a level so I will go up the steps to that level and open the door with the number on it. Right now I will usually just walk through the door and sit down, relax, and just listen. I know that at some point I will experience something clairvoyant though right now I am thoroughly enjoying the energy of this amazing meditation!

In any case I just wanted to thank you again for the remarkable reading from earlier this week and also for sharing this process of ascending the levels as described in your book. Take care.

Love & Light,”

KC. Florida – USA

Reviews & Articles

Kindred Spirit (Jan/Feb 2012)

“Guy Needler has written down his communications with what he terms ‘the Source Entities’; a ‘Biography of God’, if you like. As this is a channelled work, it varies in style and pace but progresses through many topics. This includes his own introduction and contact with the Source Entities, how everything started, why the God(s) wanted to create, the development of humans, other civilisations and earth history. However at over 42 chapters and 500 pages other topics such as nature spirits, ley lines, religion, alien contact and illness are covered. Overall it does provide much food for thought. There were times when it was of such profundity I had to put the book down and contemplate what it said. Other parts were confirmation of what I had read elsewhere, experienced or what I already knew deep down. If you are at all interested in another view on what life, the universe and everything is all about, I’d recommend this book as an addition to your library.” Ann Feakes – Kindred Spirit

From issue 114 of the magazine.

A review is available in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #28 available from Watkins.

A review is available By Sherri Cortland – Author of “Windows of Opportunity” and “Raising Our Vibrations For The New Age” in “The Examiner”

Article from Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift (05/12/2012)

Through deep meditation Guy Needler discovered a way to transport himself to other dimensions, which led to intense training in energy and vibrational therapies.  Along with his healing abilities, he is able to channel information from other entities within our multiverse and this book is the result of those channellings.

My first impression of this book after scanning the opening ‘Table of Contents’ was “WHAT????” and to be honest, I did wonder if I would stay the course, however, as I began to read I became fascinated with the authors explanations of the origin of the universe and our part in it. There were many AHA moments, and also some areas that did not resonate with me at all. Having said that, I do realise that this is from my personal perception at this point in time, and as I write it occurs to me that this may be a book that will provide answers for many, as and when they are ready to receive such insights.

Written in the style of the Conversations with God books, this is a book packed full of information and answers to questions that you didn’t even know you wanted to ask, but at some level maybe needed to know.

After initially judging the contents before I had actually read them, I proceeded with an open mind allowing discernment to override previous doubt and concluded that within these pages is much food for thought and is well worth reading, and then re-reading.

Review by Sandra Marrison – Paradigm Shift 

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