Avoiding Karma Revisited – 75

Knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to a tree, plant or vegetable is an act of violence against an aspect of our physical environment, nature, and therefore our creator, The Source Entity. Committing flora related violence therefore creates flora related Karma.

Although perceived by incarnate humanity as a lower life form, the kingdom of flora is extremely important to the perpetuation of the environment that supports the human physical form, from both a gross physical and energetic perspective.

Clearly we have the authority to use nature to feed, clothe and house us, and this is accepted as essential for our wellbeing. It’s when we abuse this authority, destroying that which is available to us to help perpetuate our incarnate vehicles, for personal or corporate greed, or even misdirected desire resulting in lack of maintenance of that aspect of nature that we are responsible for, that we incur flora related Karma.

It is just as important to clear flora related Karma as normally accrued Karma as it is a function of low frequency actions. The antidote in this instance is to be “in joy” of that flora which surrounds us, nurturing it, tending to its needs, maintaining it whilst recognizing how one can maximize nature’s potential for evolution, for it can and does evolve, as we live in harmony with it.

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