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Below is some of the text from my dialogue with Source Entity Five - Beyond The Source: SE5: You are not alone. There are others like you experiencing existence at the lowest of frequencies that are able to penetrate the thin but almost impenetrable veil of the physical into the higher energetic realms. Some of you are even contacting the Origin directly as you are. This is a monumental experience for that part of you that is projected into the lower physical energies, your creator (your Source Entity) and the Origin. Never before has this happened. And what's more, it is happening in an area of your Source Entity that has been allowed to fall down the frequencies as far it could possibility go. And it is gathering pace. Imagine the lowest of the low being in direct contact with the highest of the high. The lowest recognising what it is communicating with and making interesting, intelligent and constructive dialogue in the process. Recognising limitation but not being limited by its limitation. In the Origins mind this is an unbelievable success. This is a level of continuity of expansion of awareness of self and the surrounding environment that is happening at all levels of entity. What's more, it appears to be both sustainable, and, expanding Why would it destroy that? Especially when there is more to come, much more. from ALL of the Source Entities. For the triangulation effect you have previously discussed with your own Source Entity not only applies to entities that are involved in existence in the physical frequencies associated with the entity you call the Earth, it also applies across Source Entities as well.
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