Beyond the Origin – An Event Space Odyssey

Welcome to my latest book, my 10th!!!! I am now 25,000 words into the text . I hope it will be finished by May 2024. Some of the text is below for your interest. The Image is called “The Dawn of Sentience” painted by Celia Blessings Guy

The Aspects of Origin (that came and went!)

One of the many things that has gone through my mind whilst communicating with The Origin, or should I say “Origins”, if we are considering that some of my dialogue has been with different aspects of The Origin, depending upon which Event Space I am temporarily in, “is”, just how many versions of The Origin are there? From the perspective of moving from one Event Space to another, where The Origin has progressed from that version of The Origin that I have always communicated with to another, that being; that version of The Origin which is still occupying the first twelve levels within the first level of the twelve structural levels to another version of The Origin that has populated, for example, the first, second and third levels of the twelve structural levels, both suggests and feels like a completely different Origin. Consider if you can the immense evolutionary progression that The Origin will have made in completing the occupation of two further levels within those twelve structural levels when in our Event Space it is still a long way off from fully occupying the first level of the twelve structural levels. That other more evolved and significantly more expansive Origin/s, noting that this is the same Origin but at different evolutionary levels, must be simply, well, err, significantly different to the point of not being The Origin I know. It is this realisation or question that I just had to ask to gain an idea if The Origin considered its own evolutionary progression in steps associated with the level within the twelve structural levels it was currently occupying, or that it was a seamless progression. The way for us to think of this was in the perspective of time travel, noting of course that time doesn’t exist anywhere else but in the minds of incarnate human kind. O: So, when are you going to ask the question? For some reason I received “pop” the question! It was just like asking when someone was about to ask for a partner’s hand in marriage! Strange. O: Well, we are not going to get married, we are already one, in some small sense in another Event Space. ME: OK, OK. Just how many versions of you are there? I mean, relative to your evolutionary progression that is? O: From my perspective there is only ever one. From your linear perspective there are as many versions of me, and you, as there Event Spaces in existence. ME: All or nothing then? O: In some respect yes. You see, knowing that in the Event Space where I reach full occupation of all of the levels within the twelve levels of structural finitude, I reach a level of infinitude with everything and all Event Spaces concurrently, I gain access to that version of me as well as this version of me and all other versions of me, as one version of me. ME: Am I speaking to that “future” Event Space version of you now? O: No, you are speaking to me in totality. You always were. Its only your linearity that has limited you to this Event Space. ME: But I was in all Event Spaces with Source Entity twelve a few years ago. I didn’t feel you as you in totality then. O: No, you wouldn’t have. Firstly, you were committing to a dialogue with Source Entity Twelve, which, was requiring significant focus at that point in your existence. Secondly, in that Event Space you were not expansive or experienced enough to enter into this Event Space and consider the possibility of everything being one in every conceivable way, including Event Space, because it was still a new concept to you. ME: So, speaking to you in totality isn’t speaking to you as that vastly expansive Origin in the state of infinitude where everything is one then? O: No. You are speaking to the totality that is me which is the synergetic collective and individualised aspects of me in my evolutionary progression in all of my possible Event Spaces, separately and concurrently, not just the end product. I am any aspect of myself that I want to be, or all of them together, or the synergetic effect of the collective evolutionary expression of my aspects of progression. In short my beingness. ME: In essence then, it’s my limitation that focuses on a particular aspect of you and not you limiting what part of your totality you want to use to communicate with me? O: Correct. Pay attention to the fact that any entity in the frequencies that you are currently within would not have the communicative bandwidth or processing power necessary to communicate with sentience that has a volume and density that is more than they currently are. ME: Basically then it’s a function of the frequential environment rather than the ability of the entity. O: And the sentient volume and density that it is capable of using at these levels. ME: OK, does this then also refer to incarnate entities that incarnate in different frequencies that are above the three that create the gross physical? O: Of course. Any entity that incarnates in a higher frequency than another has the potential to incarnate with a higher sentient volume and density than those below it, and clearly it will have a much higher level of communicative bandwidth. ME: Based upon that then the answer to my question is two-fold. From your perspective you are you in your totality but from our incarnate perspective you are a different version of you depending upon which Event Space we are in, even though you are you in totality. O: Yes. ME: And this is simply because you have progressed from a linear evolutionary perspective and that this linearity is captured by our only being able to experience one particular Event Space at a time. O:Yes. ME: But when we are in the energetic we can experience a greater volume and density, even quality of your sentience because we are not totally governed by Event Space. O: Yes and no. An entity will always have the potential to be fractalized into different Event Space as a function of it choice/s, until, that is, an entity moves into that function of myself when I enter into infinitude, where there is no structure and only the one Event Space. ME: And only one volume of sentience – you. O: Correct.
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