Category: Avoiding Karma – Revisited

Incarnate mankind exists in a 2 year sphere, only relating to that which occurred in previous event spaces up to 12 months previously and that event space which relates to ones plans within the next 12 months. Existing in this way results in the constant exposure to similar or same experiences, should one not be […]
Retrospective karma is based upon being pulled back into discussions or arguments about that which occurred in the past or previous event spaces (times). When one is drawn into discussion (gossip) about that which happened in the past, one is not only attracted to the low frequency existence that is based upon that event space, […]
Aligning oneself to divine or cosmic knowledge is to remove oneself from the inaccuracies presented by the lower frequencies of the physical universe. When one is in alignment with the divine one sees through the façade of the physical, seeing it for what it is, a mode of experience designed to accelerate evolution through hardship. […]
Divine love is all around us. It pervades the multiverse and is therefore part of ones very being. However, if divine love pervades everything then why is it not felt by everyone and everything all of the time? The reason for the lack of feeling of divine love is because we get engrossed in the […]
If one detaches oneself from the lower frequency distractions of the gross physical, those that occur on a regular basis, then one can maintain ones high frequency existence whilst incarnate. One grows as one experiences these distractions, learns from them, recognizes them and acts correctly, subsequently evolving as a result of their transient effect. The […]
Infatuation is a significantly stronger from of attachment. It is to be totally engrossed in the physicality of another to the point of almost perfect distraction. This includes ignoring the need to service the activities that one is responsible for, specifically when one is in the physical presence of the focus of the infatuation. Infatuation […]
Attachment, in the human sense, that is attachment to another person, is also a very effective way to remain in low frequency existence. In this instance attachment is not love but the “need” to be near, or within, the “presence of” a certain individual or individual’s physicality. Attachment is therefore a form of materialism, but […]
Beware of false friends. Friends that steer one towards low frequency pleasures, such as physical sensation, any form of materialism or gossip, are only helping one gain an addiction to low frequency existence. A true friend is one that considers one’s spiritual advancement and not helping to reduce it or hold it in stasis. A […]
The creation of any kind of suffering to another “second party”, and then receiving back that which one has dealt as the “first party” to the “second party” from a different direction or “third party” person is “Instant Karma”, or, “Devine Retribution”. It can be helpful to receive Instant Karma for two reasons. Firstly: one […]
Suicide is method of gaining massive instant Karma. Karma accrued as a result of suicide is gained in two ways. Firstly; for terminally defiling the gift of the physical vehicle, which are in short supply in comparison with the huge number of energetic entities requesting incarnate existence. Secondly; not as a result of the act […]
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