The Anne Dialogues

The Anne Dialogues – communications with the ascended

This book is based upon the dialogues I had with my late wife, Anne. The information is based upon what she is experiencing in the energetic and the incarnation process.

It is identifying new and radical information on what we do in between our incarnations, the process of incarnation and the planning prior to incarnation.

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Below is some of the early text.

The Demise Process

A shocking discovery about the use of sedatives and painkillers

I have to admit at this point that I appeared to be somewhat divorced from the demise process that Anne went through. It appeared, at least to me, that I needed to be as “normal” as possible when Anne was suffering from the effects of the brain tumour. I felt that Anne had realised that it was time to ascend beyond the physical but still had some resistance (a very human thing). If I was normal and optimistic of another reprieve, then so was Anne. If I was busy with everyday things whilst being with Anne, then all was well in Anne’s mind.

In the flesh Anne was a sensitive soul whilst also being an incarnate master – Anne was and is a saint in every sense of the word. Being Anne’s husband was a rare privilege and seeing the demise process, ultimately chosen as the exit route prior to incarnation, was so painful for me that ever since the initial diagnosis almost ten years prior, my emotions had shut down. In the hospital Anne knew very well that the administration of morphine and sedatives was not good news and made it known by quoting those immortal words “I am on my way out” – “I am not going to ascend” (this was on the 18th December 2012, ascension was supposed to be 21st December 2012). She went on to further say, “You had better have my rings!”. I retorted that of course she was not on her way out, that she would ascend, but not in the way Anne thought, and that I would not take her rings – comforting proof for Anne of my expectations I thought.

In all of this I was being swayed by the human side of me, whilst my “knowledge” of the greater reality was keeping me on track. During the World Satsanga I held on 22nd December 2012 at Anne’s bedside at the Hospice I conducted a metaconcert, a meditation designed to create a synergetic response based upon a multiple of the number of attendees, to give an energetic boost to help Anne move on ASAP. Anne’s response of being uncomfortable told me that even under sedation Anne was able to hear what was being said and could respond in a limited way. Anne, I felt, was not too happy at me wanting the demise process to end. I felt guilty beyond belief. Two days later Anne left her body of almost 56 years, and me stunned – feeling very alone.

A: Ah, but you did me a favour.

ME: Sorry?

A: I moved on so quick, it was amazing. One moment I was incarnate, the next I was in the energetic.

ME: Please accept my most profound and humble apologies for wanting you to leave your body. Seeing you, my darling, suffer in this most undignified way was too much for me to handle so I shut down my emotions.

A: Yes but you have them back now, in buckets.

Anne was right. I had been experiencing emotions on a level that were well beyond my previous experiences. I know it was something that I had signed up to before this incarnation as well. It was like I had inherited Anne’s emotional content and empathy for other entities.

ME: You are right there. I have noticed a big change in me. I have even inherited your like of turbulence when flying!

A: It’s there to help you with your travels and to show a side of you to the public that is in ultimate understanding of what people are experiencing whilst incarnate. It’s designed to make you more accessible.

It’s time to explain the demise process, the function of separation of the aspect from the incarnate vehicle.

ME: Before we start can I ask if this a common process for all incarnate vehicles?

A: This is the process for those vehicles that operate in the same frequencies as the human vehicle – that being, the lowest frequencies of the physical universe and ultimately the multiverse created by Source Entity One.

ME: So it will be generic.

A: Yes and no. An aspect has many ways to disassociate itself from the incarnate vehicle. My disassociation was both typical, and not typical because of the help you gave me. Because of this my description will be based upon my own recent experience. I may explain other ways later on in this dialogue as this will provide a better level of understanding for all of those incarnate truth seekers whilst addressing a few inconsistencies.

ME: That’s my girl! Removing the veil of mistrust created by different reports of the demise process is what I am ultimately looking for.

A: Don’t forget that some of these differences are due to the lack of understanding, poor education and existence in frequencies that are even lower than those currently experienced by incarnates. Incarnate mankind is now ready to experience a more profound level of knowledge. That’s what WE are here for.

I felt Anne smile the smile of one who has access to ALL knowledge now. Having no inhibitions, no misconceptions, no beliefs – only knowledge based upon ultimate personal experience. It was time to get to the detail, detail of a level that is relative to incarnate mankind’s new level of group ascension – its new level of incarnate evolution. We had graduated I felt, to a level where we can now cleanse the knowledge based system, moving away from hearsay and conjecture to raw knowledge. The incarnation process, I felt, was to be at the bedrock of this knowledge, for this is the starting point for many newly awakening incarnates and therefore, more than ever, needs to be accurate to give it credibility, and those new truth seekers the confidence to continue their quest for the truth without the need to question its validity.

A: Owww! It hurts, it hurts so much, can’t you take the pain away? – HELP ME!

ME: What?

This is almost too much, I am in tears now. I remembered a rather intense moment when Anne suddenly woke up from sedation, looked at me directly in the eyes and just said HELP! I instantly went to the Nurse to increase the sedative and morphine pump throughput. By this time Anne had passed out – presumably the result of a protective device within the incarnate vehicle to spare the consciousness from the physical and mental discomfort.

A: That’s what I was experiencing and thinking in those last few days. Brain tumours are painful things to have when they are in their last stages of development. The headaches are intense beyond belief when your poor brain is being squashed by a cancerous growth. Know this, the brain does have a sense of feeling, irrespective of what the neuroscientists tell you, and my brain was in pain – big time.

ME: I didn’t expect you to relay what you were feeling pain wise as well.

A: It was part of what I was experiencing.

ME: OK. I understand. I will let you do the explaining in the way that you want to.

A: Good. In those last days I was not really associated with the energetic nor part of my incarnate vehicle. The sedatives put me in a state of limbo. I was not yet disincarnate, but I was also not conscious as an incarnate. I was under a very high level of sedation and so was unable to leave at will, which requires a conscious decision process only available whilst fully aware when incarnate.

ME: Are you suggesting the sedatives held you back?

A: Yes. If I was conscious, irrespective of the pain and the level of pain the morphine was able to remove, I would have been able to leave my body at will.

ME: How does that work?

A: There is a time during the demise of the incarnate vehicle when the bonds to the aspect are loosened to the point of ineffectivity, that the aspect is back in communication with its True Energetic Self (TES) and is aware enough of the greater reality to know how to move out of the incarnate vehicle before its demise. If the incarnate vehicle is sedated, the energetic function of the sedatives place this process in stasis because it relies on the removal of the ego, the transient personality created as a result of the incarnation, to allow the personality of the aspect, a lower function of the TES, to take over. At the point the personality of the aspect takes over, the decision to return to the energetic or wait to experience the full demise process is taken and the incarnate vehicle either lingers on (the incarnate aspect sometimes departing mid-conversation) or demises straight away.

ME: So again, you are suggesting that the sedatives given by hospitals and hospices actually stop the aspect from returning to the TES?

A: Yes.

ME: And that means that the supposed “help” that hospices give to those terminally ill patients are detrimental to them moving back to their TES and liberation from the diseased human vehicle.

A: Yes it is.

ME: This information isn’t going to be good news to many people who have “helped” their loved ones depart by easing their pain; in fact, I can see it causing a lot of confusion and concern.

A: Yes I know. Incarnate mankind is like a child who is in the dark trying to operate the most complicated computer Earth has ever seen without any idea of what does what, let alone see the keyboard or command structure.

ME: I didn’t know that you could use technology as an example?

A: (Smile) I picked it up from you. You did have some good points as my husband don’t you know.

ME: Well, thank you for that vote of confidence. (I am also smiling here). Tell me. It’s the energies or frequencies associated with the sedatives that create the stasis effect then?

A: Yes it is. Unlike drugs like LSD, Cocaine, or vast amounts of alcohol which crack open the auric layers, ejecting the aspect from the human vehicle through severe disharmony, sedatives have the opposite effect. They actively reduce the frequencies of the human vehicle’s energy field because they are low frequency themselves. They create a condition that makes the human vehicle energy field, the auric layers, act as a very effective barrier.

ME: Why is that?

A: Because they are so low in frequency they reduce the frequencies of the energy field, the auric layers, almost to the point of full physicality.

ME: But I thought that the aspect, as an energetic condition, would be able to transcend the physical frequencies.

A: Or course it can, and ordinarily this is not a problem, but it’s the frequencies of the sedatives themselves that create the barrier and not the frequencies of the gross physical aspect of the human vehicle.

ME: Can you explain in some detail for me?

A: Yes. The frequencies of the sedatives blend in with the frequencies of the aspect, the soul, and actively slow them down almost to the point of inactivity. Think of it like trying to swim in a swimming pool full of treacle.

ME: That would be impossible, it would be too sticky!

A: And that is what the frequencies of the sedatives do to the frequencies of the aspect. They make the aspect too sticky to move away from the frequencies of the gross physical, spirituophysical and energetic components of the human vehicle.

ME: But that’s appalling.

A: You had better believe it. I was there!

ME: I am horrified that the sedatives would have made that much difference to your/an aspect’s ability to return to the TES.

A: What’s more, it’s compounded by the use of the morphine, which is a most effective painkiller.

ME: Carry on.

A: Morphine, on its own, is an effective painkiller, but if used in the correct quantities will cause the human vehicle to become ineffective, to pass out, or even cause its demise.

ME: I think this is well known and recorded knowledge.

A: Yes it is, but what is not known is the synergetic effects created by the use of morphine together with sedatives, especially powerful sedatives.

ME: Are you suggesting it creates another type of frequency, a hybrid frequency?

A: Not a hybrid frequency, a new frequency. Consider the periodic table and how it identifies how materials can change totally by the addition or subtraction of electrons, neutrons or protons.

ME: OK…………………………………….. TBC

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