Beyond The Source – Book 2

Beyond The Source – Book 2 – communications with the co-creators continues

Beyond the source

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Lecturing on the History of God and Beyond the Source at the July 2012 Transformation Conference

In this presentation I talk about my history, some of the concepts in The History of God and the content of Beyond the Source Books 1 & 2. As the video is governed by Pentos Television copywrite this link is a 10 minute taster. The links below take you to their website to order an audio only Podcast or download the whole video.

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Some text from the first chapter of Beyond the Source – Book 2

I suddenly had a visualisation. The image that showed the 12 origins external to the original Origin were actually out side of the origins area of consciousness and not the Origin itself. The Origin, only being conscious of a small part of itself, put them outside of this area of conscious knowing of its area. Ascension of the Entities, Source Entities and the Origin is therefore the expansion of the Origins (Source Entities and Entities) awareness and consciousness of self (evolution) to levels higher and further out to that currently experienced by the Origin during its investigation of self. The Origin had hardly started its own self awareness and evolutionary progression. I was advised in a later meditation that the Origin has not even mapped 1% of its totality! ………..

SE7C: No one Source Entity is more important that the other for we all contribute to the evolution of the Origin. I have simply created a multiversal navigation conundrum, A class room if you like, for the collective entity population of Source Entity Seven “in totality”. One that allows them to experience all of the things necessary to operate in the way that a creator should do.

ME: Hold on, I have just picked up something else. All of this work, this teaching your entities to be master multiversal navigators is aligned to the image I picked up when I talked to Source Entity Five. Where all of the entities created by all of the Source Entities become equals with their creating Source Entities, and, that the Source Entities all become equals with the Origin. More importantly, that they all evolve together up to a level not yet experienced by the Origin, it needs to move beyond that part of itself that it is currently aware of, and that the Origin created the Source Entities to help it achieve this “quantum” evolutionary leap.

SE7C: Again, very well done.

I felt Source Entity Seven “C” smile. It was the smile of knowing that I was starting to “get it”. There was something very important going on here. I had “tripped up” on something. Something of such importance that it was not only important that mankind understood what was happening through the books created by my limited dialogues with the Origin and the Source Entities, but that the word was being spread throughout the Source Entities and their creations by other entities like me. I felt very small in the sudden realisation of my very limited amount of understanding of this “huge” big picture and mentally logged the need to discuss this is more detail with the Origin directly.

ME: Hold on, this is even more important than I imagined. All of the entities that are part of you, that is the whole of you, Source Entity Seven in totality, are being trained, through experiential means to populate the Origin when the point in its existence arrives where we all ascend together, where we are all entities in equal standing.

SE7C: Go on.

ME: When all of the entities that have been created by the twelve Source Entities evolve to the point of equality with their creators, and the Source Entities evolve to the point of equality with the Origin everything ascends to the next level. At this point the Origin moves outside of its sphere of understanding of self by a percentage point so to speak. This movement effectively multiplies the area of awareness of self to a level where the full awareness of self is a smaller part of an area that is both known and un-known. It quadruples the area of awareness to an area of awareness/non-awareness, to an area of knowledge of existence but not of experiential knowledge. It is like we know that we live on a planet in a galaxy in a universe that is part of a multiverse, but we only know a fraction of a percentage of the solar system our planet exists within. In actuality, we don’t really know the planet we exist on as physical beings. We know bits of it, but certainly not all of it. But as our understanding of self and our environment grows, together with our technical and spiritual abilities, we detect more of our environment, that which was beyond our previous level of detection. We add it to the map, well we try to map it, but unless we experience that which is in those areas of space that is newly mapped, we are not fully aware of its properties. It is there but not there.

SE7C: What you are trying to say is that the Origin will become aware of that which is a greater part of itself but will need help in expanding its awareness of its expanded self.

ME: Yes Ok, you seem to have put in two lines what I have taken thirteen or even seventeen lines of text to do.

SE7C: Naturally. I can explain further if you like.

ME: Please do. This is getting most interesting.

SE7C: To put it in simple terms my particular environment is designed to train those entities that either start off in my environment, or, progress to my environment in the art of navigation. I will explain further. The entities that exist in all aspects of Source Entity Seven, including myself, “A” and “B” and Source Entity Seven in “totality” are endeavouring to create a team of entities that contain all of the important aspects of existence necessary to allow them to grow into creators. This will allow them to create their own environments and hence populate that part of the Origin that becomes available for experiential use when the expansion/ascension occurs.

The entities that “graduate” from this environment will be master navigators. They will be able to traverse and exist within and without the energies, frequencies, dimensions, tritaves and zones that make up the known and un-known area of the newly ascended Origin and populate it with newly ascended Source Entities.

ME: Wait, hold on a moment. What do you mean, newly ascended Source Entities? At the last count I made twelve. Do you expect there to be more?

SE7C: As you have seen yourself in your own visualisations all entities will eventually become equals. As they become equal to their creators they attain the same status as their creator and so will become Source Entities in their own right. In essence the created will become the creator and will adopt the same status and reason for being in existence. They will be different from the original Source Entities though, insomuch as they will be able to find and adapt them selves to a location within the Origin that they feel is in keeping with their plans for experiential creativity and evolution. Each of them will be able to work outside of the need to be “static” within the Origins area. As you are aware, when the Origin created the twelve Source Entities we were/are all stationary within the Origin’s area of awareness. We do not move, there is no need for us to move for we occupy that area which the Origin was aware of when it created us. It will expand its area of awareness to a greater level when we all ascend. You used the word quadruple I believe, but this is not a correct word to use to describe the Origins increase in size that the area of awareness of self will increase to when it becomes an area of awareness/non-awareness but with knowledge of. Everything will expand and multiply; the zones, the dimensions, the tritaves, the frequencies and the energies. The word quadruple should be therefore explained as being a multiple, of a multiple, of a multiple, of a multiple of the zones, the dimensions, the tritaves, the frequencies and the energies. It will be unbelievably larger than that which we are currently experiencing. And yet, it will still not be a percentage point of the total area of that which is the Origin.

ME: I am getting an image of a huge sphere, one that has levels within levels within levels, and as one’s perspective moves further away from the centre, the level of intricacy multiplies on a multiple of an exponential scale each time one moves away from the centre by a fraction of a percentage point.

SE7C: Yes, now you are getting it. Now do you understand?

ME: I think so. If I can just explain in summary. The expansion in the Origin anticipated resulting from the collective ascension of entity, Source Entity and Origin will be so big that it will be able to satisfy the same area occupied by a single Source Entity now, for all of the current Source Entities and all of the entities created by the twelve Source Entities that will be elevated to Source Entity status in every way shape and form.

SE7C: Correct.

ME: That’s AWSOME!

SE7C: Isn’t it just. But it’s more than that. The area will be so big that the newly ascended Source Entities will not be side to side, so to speak. They can be hidden away from each other in some part of the newly expanded area of awareness/non-awareness of self that the Origin will experience. Hence the need to be master navigators of that which is the Origin. They will be called upon by the newly ascended Source Entities/themselves to guide them through the maze that will be the area of awareness/non-awareness of self that the Origin will be post ascension. They will need to be able to traverse all conundrums that will be placed before them. That is why my environment is designed the way it is. To allow the entities to experience their environment as a conundrum and learn how to navigate it, to learn how to move outside of the maze so to speak, to see the maze as if seen from above and drop down to that area required to be experienced. The introduction of these new Source Entities will greatly accelerate the Origins ability to increase its awareness of self and to evolve. It will be the start of a wondrous time.

ME: What will happen to the original twelve Source Entities?

SE7C: We will assist the Origin in its own explorations of self. We will start again, but in a different way.

Again, I made a mental note of this discussion as one that I will progress with the Origin in ‘The Origin Speaks

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