Psycho-Spiritual Healing

Welcome to my 8th book. Below are a few pages of the start of the book, which, focuses on the techniques I was taught, and later developed in energy & vibrational therapy and psycho-spiritual healing.

Although this book is finished it is hoped that it will be in publication by August/September 2020.


This book, at first glance, would appear to be a departure from my usual subject matter. However, when one considers that everything I have written to date was initiated by me enrolling on a healing workshop in 2001 presented by Helen Stott, a direct student of Barbara Brennan, previously a NASA scientist, who used channelling to establish more information about the patient the healer was working on, you should be able to see the link. The origin of the energy and vibrational healing is therefore based upon the teachings of Barbara Brennan, which were subsequently taught to me over four years by Helen. This is my heritage and lineage.
My re-entry into the multiverse was initially supported by me opening a small healing practice in a holistic venue close to my home in 2005. This floundered at best and then failed, resulting in me focusing upon the information I gained through channelling rather than the healing itself, which disappeared into the background. Later, when The History of God was written in 2010, I created a website to support its internet visibility and felt drawn to offer channelling-based readings and of course the energy and vibrational healing I was taught by Helen via the same website. One by one, I started to receive requests for both readings and healings from people all over the world, all possible by the use of Skype, QQ, WhatsApp and WeChat. Together with channelling more books and creating the Traversing the Frequencies workshops, the rest is history, so to speak.
Although I initially worked within the framework of those techniques I studied, I found that I was accessing other techniques or modalities that were new and not currently available, creating new modalities of healing and adding them to my repertoire. My communications with The Source were allowing me to create both new and bespoke healing modalities required for all or one patient only. Additionally, my late wife Anne has also helped me at times as well, making important suggestions about healing requirements and possibilities.
As I worked on a plethora of different patients (from literally all over the world), I noticed that some of the bespoke modalities could also be generalized allowing many others to benefit from me working on the illness of one. I also noticed that much of what we bring into this incarnation, including our method of incarnation, affects us energetically creating physical dysfunction through psycho-spiritual programming.
Having perfected these techniques and using them with, in some cases, miraculous success, I felt a very strong need to share this work, via a book, with the wider spiritual public. I do have to say though that this book is not supposed to detract one from attending a fully certified healing workshop or school, but is designed to show some level of detail and act as a trigger for those who want to be a healer, to see what the art of the possible is, and to seek proper tuition. Please note that some people are not meant to be healed, that their illness is part of their incarnate experience, or their way out of this incarnation. It is part of the role of the healer to recognize this providing assistance and not a cure, not engaging the ego or the determined healer thinking – ‘YOU WILL BE HEALED – SO HELP ME GOD!’
I strongly advocate that the budding healer goes through an essential program of psycho-analytical work to assist in cleaning and clearing the psyche and distancing one from one’s ego whilst undergoing training. This will help to ensure that one’s “stuff” is not passed on to the patient and the patients “stuff” is not received by the healer. I will be recommending some authors and books to use to start you off. It can be deeply searching from the psychological perspective and is not for the fainthearted.
I said that I would give some level of detail to the modalities I will be describing, and in most instances it will be very detailed and may look like it is instructional. However, when you go to a healer, check to see where they gained their qualifications, that they went on a recognized course and have not just gained academic knowledge from a book.
In your reading of this book, I am illustrating to you what I do, and how I do it, not teaching you per se. I am simply opening you up to your healing potential and some of the things that can be done.
I have noted over the years that healing and my healing modalities are sometimes aligned to each other in a genre of healing, and sometimes they are not but are more standalone. As a result, this book will be presented in five main genres. The healing modalities I use fall into:

  1. Energy and Vibrational Healing – Including work on the chakras and entity removal
  2. Removing Links – links with other Incarnates, Non-Karmic and Karmic plus individual Karma and past life trauma
  3. Client-Based or Bespoke Healing – Mixtures of different heling modalities together
  4. Psycho-Spiritual Re-programming – Removal of deep-rooted thoughts, behaviours and actions
  5. How We Incarnate and How It Affects Us Psychologically – Psychosis
    The details behind these major genres will be presented as chapters within them.
    Additionally, I would like to make a comment on the way I address the patient/client and the healer. There are times when I address the healer as “the healer” and others where I address the healer as “you”. The use of “you” can also be used to reference “himself/herself”. Similarly, there are times when I address the client or patient as the “patient” or “client” and others when I use “they”. This is designed to give “you” the reader a focus on the fact that you may, or not be, a healer per se, but are simply interested in this particular aspect of the greater reality. Also note that “they” can also be used to reference “he/she”.
    Please note that the illustrations are conceptual and may change with the psycho-spiritual and intuitive visualisation capability (experiential vocabulary) of the healer.

What is Energy and Vibrational Healing?

Energy and vibrational healing is a gentle non-invasive therapy and covers a plethora of minor modalities such as Reiki, Brennan Healing Science, and other hands-on healing techniques, including those that are unregulated. It does not cover the usage of an intermediate focus of the energies channelled by the healer such as the use of pendulums, stones, crystals, acupuncture, acupressure, candles or other physical interfaces. It heals the physical manifestation of dis-ease which results from imbalances in the human energy field and the energetic templates that allow the manifestation of the gross physical aspect of the human body we incarnate into. In most cases these imbalances are created by mis-perceptions of events encountered during our early years of life that are reflected on the body’s energy system. These ultimately create physical dis-ease and dysfunction. However, they can be caused by other things such as how we incarnate, what we bring into this incarnation from a previous incarnation, and how addicted we are to the low frequency thoughts, behaviours and actions associated to incarnating into a low frequency environment. This is called Karma and will be dealt with in its own chapter.
Because I mentioned physical interfaces above, I feel a need to explain a few things about them. A physical interface is a method used to provide the healer, or indeed a channeller, with a focus, or even confidence that they can do that which they want to do whilst using the physical interface of choice or that is aligned to the modality of healing they are specialized in.
So, those that use them subconsciously feel that they can only effect a healing when they use them. Indeed, the use of such physical interfaces is limited to the energies they are associated with and so limits the ability of the healer to provide a holistic healing service. This is not to say that those who specialize in healing modalities that require a physical interface are poor practitioners, it is just that they are specialized in a certain healing modality, one that requires the use of the focus of the physical interface they are trained in or drawn to use. They are not holistic and generally cannot heal issues that fall outside the capabilities of their specialism. If they do manage to heal an issue outside of the capabilities of their specialism, it is because they are subconsciously using another modality which may be being channelled through them at the behest of the collaboration between the Guide and Helpers of the client and the healer.
Energy and vibrational healing usually requires light placement of the practitioner’s hands over different areas of the client’s body, it is not a physical interface but a way of affecting a direct method of channelling energy from the healer to the client. Note however, that the energy is not actually from the healer but is channelled through the healer from the free energies that pervade The Source Entity, our creator. The hands can be placed a few centimetres above the client if desired. It is normally carried out with the client lying on a therapy table, in order to promote good relaxation but can and is also performed at a distance (distance or absence healing) with the same level of success. A session may leave the client feeling in a rather different state than usual, so that it is best not to move or animate the body quickly or drive immediately after a healing.

What are the Healing Techniques used?

There are a number of healing techniques that can be employed during the healing process and some of these are mentioned below:
• Chelation (basic energy balancing)
• Chakra reconstruction
• Organ reconstruction
• Psychic Surgery
• Auric level reconstruction
• Astral entity removal
• Astral mucus clearing
• Virus clearing
• Spine cleansing
• Brain balancing
• Hara line healing
• Foreign object removal

Other healing modalities that I use that are not mentioned above will be noted in their own chapters because I feel they are not specifically related to the genre of energy and vibrational healing.

Chelation (basic energy balancing)

Chelation is the most basic of healing techniques and also the most benign. It is simple and easy to perform and requires little if no actual complicated interaction with the client by the healer.
Chelation is a healing technique where the healer places the hands over specific areas of the gross physical body allowing the divine energies of The Source to be channelled through the healer without intervention.
There are sixteen points of contact/no contact that are used to channel healing energies during the chelation-based healing.

They are:

  1. The left ankle
  2. The right ankle
  3. The left knee
  4. The right knee
  5. The left hip
  6. The right hip
  7. The front aspect of the sacral chakra
  8. The front aspect of the solar chakra
  9. The front aspect of the heart chakra
  10. The left shoulder
  11. The right shoulder
  12. The front aspect of the throat chakra
  13. The rear aspect of the throat chakra
  14. The left hand temple area of the head
  15. The right hand temple area of the head
  16. The crown chakra
  17. Note that I only specified the front aspects of the sacral, solar and heart chakras. (See next chapter on chakra regeneration for the locations of the chakras) This is because the horizontal chakras have psycho-spiritual functions are well. The front chakra is our intention and the rear chakra is our action so whatever we do or request of the front chakras the rear chakras receive or do automatically. However, some healers performing chelation do place the hands over both the front and rear aspects of the sacral, solar and heart chakras during chelation. Also note that the spiritual or third eye chakras are not used. I will explain the process of performing a chelation in full now……………………….
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