Beyond The Source – Book 1

Beyond The Source – Book 1 – communications with the co-creators

Beyond the source

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Lecturing on the History of God and Beyond the Source at the July 2012 Transformation Conference

In this presentation I talk about my history, some of the concepts in The History of God and the content of Beyond the Source Books 1 & 2. As the video is governed by Pentos Films copywrite this link is a 10 minute taster. The links below take you to their website to order an audio only Podcast or download the whole video.

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Below is some of the text from my dialogue with Source Entity Five – Beyond The Source:

SE5: You are not alone. There are others like you experiencing existence at the lowest of frequencies that are able to penetrate the thin but almost impenetrable veil of the physical into the higher energetic realms. Some of you are even contacting the Origin directly as you are.

This is a monumental experience for that part of you that is projected into the lower physical energies, your creator (your Source Entity) and the Origin. Never before has this happened.

And what’s more, it is happening in an area of your Source Entity that has been allowed to fall down the frequencies as far it could possibility go. And it is gathering pace.

Imagine the lowest of the low being in direct contact with the highest of the high. The lowest recognising what it is communicating with and making interesting, intelligent and constructive dialogue in the process. Recognising limitation but not being limited by its limitation. In the Origins mind this is an unbelievable success. This is a level of continuity of
expansion of awareness of self and the surrounding environment that is happening at all levels of entity. What’s more, it appears to be both sustainable, and, expanding Why would it destroy that? Especially when there is more to come, much more. from ALL of the Source Entities. For the triangulation effect you have previously discussed with your own Source

Entity not only applies to entities that are involved in existence in the physical frequencies associated with the entity you call the Earth, it also applies across Source Entities as well.

ME: Are you suggesting that we are in the throes of an evolutionary expansion of awareness that is, shall I say, unprecedented and unforeseen. Even by the Origin.

SE5: Correct.

ME: I am both shocked and surprised that the Origin could not foresee this happening. How could that be? With knowledge like this I feel like I have come to the end of the book right here and now.

SE5: You are not even at the start yet, believe me.

ME: So what happens when this level of expansion in pan-Source consciousness finalises Will the Origin start again?

SE5: Who knows? It has no plans.

I then gained an image of the Origin. It was full of the Source Entities and other smaller entities of similar stature. The Origin was, the only way I can describe this, is smiling a benevolent smile. It was pleased with itself and its creations, and the creations that its creations had made. It was in company with like minded individual entities of varying sizes and evolutionary status, all stemming from the original entities that were created by the Source Entities. Some had collated together to create a bigger entity of collective individuality, others had maintained their individuality. All were of single status. All had graduated from the need to be contained within the environments that their respective Source Entities had created for them. All were in direct communication with each other, the Source Entities and the Origin itself. The Origin had created a community, a family and it was well pleased.

ME: What was that all about, where did that image come from?

SE5: That is the echo of what could be should the spark of conscious communication with the Source Entities and the Origin by those entities at its lowest levels of frequency continue.

Remember that in your own communications with the Origin and your Source you were party to the fact that when the Origin was singular it also lost contact with that part of itself that it projected into the lower frequencies.

ME: I do remember that.

SE5: Well this is an image of the Origin and all that has been created in its name that does not have the problem with loosing contact with those parts of itself that reside in the lower frequencies, for they no longer exist.

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