Aquarian Age

Aquarian Age, a college by Beyond The Source, is a Healing College inaugrated by my Chinese agent, Leo Zhou, and myself. Aquarian Age,  is approved and recognised by The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

Aquarian Age offers 4 main courses.

1. Psycho-Spirituo Alignment and Reprograming (PsAR – China) Also
known as Psycho-Spiritual Healing (PSH – Rest of World)

There are 22 modules taught.
They are:
1. Creating a Psychic Shield – needed to protect the healer
2. Physiology and Anatomy (personal research, homework and examination)
3. Energy and Vibrational Healing – How to Perform a Chelation
4. The Aura – The Human Energy Field – How to Repair it
5. What are Energy Hooks – How to Remove them
6. What is Astral Mucus How to Clear It
7. What are the Chakras – Chakra Repair, Reconstruction, Replacement
8. Organ or Body Part Reconstruction and Energy Template Replacement/Repair
9. Past Life Trauma Healing (and Link Removal)
10. Psychic Surgery – An Offer of Help, A Request for Help, Copying a Psychic
11. Astral Entities Astral Entity Examples and Removal
12. Hara Line Healing/Realignment/Disconnections/ Crossed Hara Lines
13. Virus Clearing
14. Removing Foreign Objects – from the Auric Layers, Energy Templates &
15. Spine cleansing
16. Brain Balancing and Clearing
17. Removing Karmic Links
18. Psychological Issues as a Function of a Higher Frequency Incarnation (ADHD,
ADD), Hyper Activity, Impulsiveness, Inattentiveness & Bi Polarism
19. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
20. Walk-Ins – Removal & Compartmentalisation
21. Psycho-Spiritual Re-Programming & how to perform it
22. Bespoke Healing

The module content is spread over four levels, each of which consists of
four days, four times a year. Progression though the modules is sequential.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Course and What Prior
Experience is Necessary?

This course is taken over one year with the possibility to take two years if
requested due to the intensity of the workload and demand on the student.

We can take up to 65 students but anticipate between 20 and 40.

No previous qualification required although experience of meditation and
visualisation is useful. A desire to be a healer is a necessary component.

How Many Times Per Year is the Course Run?

Once per year.

What Qualification will I Receive?

Students will receive a “Certificate” in Physio-Spiritual Alignment and Reprograming (PsAR – China due to naming convention directives), also known as Psycho-Spiritual Healing (PSH – Rest of World) if three
levels completed

If four levels (Psycho-Spiritual content) are completed they will receive a “Diploma” in Physio-Spiritual
Alignment and Reprograming (PsAR – China), also known as Psycho-Spiritual Healing (PSH – Rest of World).

Eventually, those students that attend two further years of courses can assist in teaching.

Two years of assisting in teaching results in the student being awarded “Master” status and will be allowed to teach within the confines and directive of the school.

Will I be able to Gain CMA Membership as a Result of This Course?

Students can register with the CMA as Student Members.

Graduates will be eligable to apply for Full Membership and use the title Member of the Complimentary Medical Association (MCMA). 

How is the Course Delivered?

The course is delivered via four methods during the year.

1. Pre-course work for each level which includes an examined module on
Physiology and Anatomy.

2. Video conference attendance for the lectures and practical work for the
first three levels, each of which are held over 4 days. Levels are taught in
January, April, July and November.

3. Homework consisting of academic, practical (healing of family and friends,
24 recorded healings are required in between each level) and personal
introspective psycho-spiritual analysis in between levels. Core texts are
Psycho-Spiritual Healing – Guy Steven Needler, Hands of Light & Light
Emerging – Barbara Anne Brennan), The Undefended Self – Susan Thesenga.

4. Personal attendance at the level 4 workshop in November which includes
lectures, practical work and a final examination. As the course is based in
China (but available world-wide) personal attendance is either in Beijing, or
another suitable city such as Shanghai, Kunming or Dali.

5. Weekly Home work and Q&A sessions via video link

All students are required to attend each of the four-day video conferences for each of the first three levels. A record of attendance is maintained.

Attendance at a weekly homework review via the video conference required. Here, the next weeks home work is explained together with explanations for the previous weeks’ homework together with an open forum Q&A session. A record of attendance is maintained.

Level 4 demands physical attendance.

Types of Assessment

1. Results from the practical homework are presented, discussed and
commented on, together with corrective advice and encouragement.

2. Results from the academic/psycho-spiritual introspection homework are
presented, discussed and commented on, together with corrective advice and

3. A final examination of practical and academic/psycho-spiritual knowledge is
taken in the afternoon of day four in level four.

4. Anatomy and Physiology is examined based upon 80% correct answers to a
A&P questionnaire.

5. Re-accreditation is achieved every 3 years by free attendance of at least
50% of the course content. This maintains the standard and removes the
potential for dilution.

The course starts each January.

2. Basic Chelation

Is a stand alone component of the PsAR/PSH course available as a 1 day seminar.

3. Creating a Psychic Shield

Is a stand alone component of the PsAR/PSH course available as a 1 day seminar.

4. Traversing the Frequencies Meditation (TTFm)

Is a personal development course designed to teach the student how to project their consciousness into the frequencies that create the multiversal environment and comminicate with the entities there and commune with our creator.

Guy Steven Needler is a Fellow of the Complimentary Medical Association 

Contact Guy via this Contact Me Link or Leo vi yourleoz (WeChat) or for details

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