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I invite you to join me on my journey into ‘Spiritual Physics’, becoming the first wave, the pioneers of spiritually enlightened individuals to bring the unknown and unexplained details of the
greater reality to mankind – raising mankind’s frequency as a consequence.

Within these pages you can read extracts of my published work, find information on upcoming events, or reach out for direct help through readings, healing sessions or workshops.

Join me in this new and exciting chapter in mankind’s awakening. I am here to help you become a “pioneer” with me, please contact me and satisfy the yearning of your life’s work.

Latest News:

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded “Fellowship” status in the Complementary Medical Association. (FCMA). This is a wonderful compliment to add to the CMA accreditation/recognition of our Healing College, Aquarian Age, and accreditation of our healing courses.


The Lectures and Questions and Answers from Ten Years of the World Satsanga

are published at last!

A compiled set of Transcriptions (Transcribed, Compiled and Edited by Ulla Sarmiento) from the first ten years of The World Satsanga are now available in Paperback (and Kindle) from Amazon.com right now via these links:

The World Satsanga: The First Ten Years – Book 1: Lectures on the Greater Reality

The World Satsanga: The First Ten Years – Book 2: Questions & Channelled Answers on the Greater Reality (A-Ma)

The World Satsanga: The First Ten Years – Book 3: Questions & Channelled Answers on the Greater Reality (Me-Z)


My latest Book The Om – The Uncreated Creations is published!

Available via Amazon or by contacting my publisher – Ozark Mountain Publishing

Phone: +1-800-935-0045, +1-479-738-2348 Fax: +1-479-738-2448

Psycho-Spiritual Healing (PsAR)


Be one of the CMA Accredited Healers from the third cohort of my Psycho-Spiritual Healing (PsAR) Workshops held over 2024.

To participate contact Leo via his WeChat ID: yourleoz or email: yourleoz@aliyun.com

Info Pack via This Link

The Audio Version of the History of God is now available in CD and Flash Drive (Memory Stick) version from Ozark Mountain Publishing and Amazon.

The History of God and Avoiding Karma are now in Chinese text. My other books are also being translated.

Feel free to order them from my Chinese Agent – Leo via this email address yourleoz@aliyun.com

If you would like to sign up to my Newsletter click on this link The Greater Reality

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Upcoming event schedule…

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Latest World Satsanga 29th May 2024 World Satsanga SKYPE Teleconference. SKYPE Teleconference

Click Here  to listen to the recording of the May 2024 Satsanga

World Satsanga Chat for the Questions


    Normal Workshops can be seen via this link  

Next World Satsanga

Tuesday 25th June 2024 

7:00pm UK Time Zone

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Meeting ID: 717 7236 0658
Passcode: 9dUfer

  January, April, July, November

Psycho-Spiritual Healing Workshops 2024



An excerpt from my 1st Book :The history of God

History Of GodChapter 1 – The energy at my friend’s house in Sweden was high. It was surrounded by ley line energy which was not connected and was moving around wildly, rather like a high tension wire whipping across the land, grounding out. The stones at the bottom of his garden felt like they were part of a shrine that focussed and directed the ley line energies (rather like the stones at Avebury and Kilmartin). I felt energized.

Buy online from:

Amazon.comAmazon.comAmazon.frAmazon.esBarnes & NobleOzarkW H SmithWaterstonesWatkins

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