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Q1 from “M”.

Dear Mr Needler.You talked about time being experienced by us as holographic events and can be perceived as a rubber band ball, with different possibilities happening simultaneously.Would it be possible to undo an event that has happened in the past, say for example an accident, to avoid the injury one experienced afterwards?

Does the entity share any info on this? I ordered your book yesterday. I feel like a kid awaiting a Xmas gift 🙂

Love & Light,



Hi M,

Your question is a very interesting one, one that the Source Entity is delighted to answer.

SE: Dear soul, thank you for seeking to understand the truth. The answer to your question about event space, and the use of it, is not as clear as you would think, for it also relies upon an entities evolutionary direction and how that effects the experiential content of the incarnate existence currently being focused on.

In the energetic an entity can traverse any event space in any direction at will, and as such it is perfectly possible for the entity to circumnavigate a particular event that is deemed to be undesirable. However, whilst incarnate an entity usually limits the abilities they naturally have in the energetic to a much lower level to allow the optimum evolutionary opportunity by not being able to either, see the potential routes they could take with certain event spaces as they are presented to them, or change that event space if the outcomes of such an event are deemed to be undesirable after experiencing that event. In essence, and in, consideration of your example of the effects on the physical body after an event space that involved an accident and subsequent long term damage of the physical body, the evolutionary content may well have been planned prior to incarnation and that evolutionary content may well require experiencing pain and discomfort for a long period in order to maximize the evolutionary opportunity. As a result of this, the opportunity for circumnavigating the so called “sub optimal event space” experience will not be available as an option that the entity could or should take, in this instance, as in essence this event space is maximizing the evolutionary content of the incarnation.

In short, an entities experiences whilst in the physical is in general always where they should be based upon the decision processes that were employed at the event space junctures encountered, and as a result no change should be made by the entity to the event spaces and the content presented and subsequently experienced.

Well, I hope this helps your understanding of experiencing event space and some of the experiences we don’t actually like. It was a good question, thank you.

Please accept my love.

Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.


Q 2 from M:

Dear Guy.Thank you for the answer. However I do have an additional question in response to the Source’s answer.
1. If one has chosen a set of events to occur, like an accident and the long term effects of one – where does the aspect of healing come in?
2. Some people seek and experience both spontaneous and gradual healing. Is this also then due to the souls planned recovery?
3. Did the soul maybe plan the healing as a way of evolving as well?
4. Of becoming self aware maybe and seeking to utilize the healing energy from it’s Source? Is this source of healing available to all who discover it? And, are we able to utilize it according to our level of self awareness or evolutionary development? Love & Light, “M”


Hi M,

Thank you again for your questions. There is always a reason for understanding a subject more clearly and the Source is pleased that you seek clarification.

SE: Dear Soul, I will answer your questions in the order that they come in. I have asked Guy to number them to make them easier for you to understand and relate to.
1. Healing comes in many forms, one of which is acceptance of the current state of physicality and moving on, and working with, it to the best of ones ability, not looking back at what could have or should have happened to avoid the events leading up to the event in question. With this an entity may be a pillar of light, an example to those around the entity of how to create good out of bad, to succeed in the face of adversity, to become something better than what one could be without the disability. With this comes peace of mind and subsequent healing in a psychological sense rather than physical.
2. Entities that seek and experience spontaneous healing have planned to do so; this is the same for gradual healing. It is the experience in the event spaces before, during and after the healing, and how and what the entity does within these event spaces that counts from an evolutionary perspective, rather than the healing process itself in this instance. Seeking spontaneous healing when an entity has not planned to experience it results in discontent and lack of focus on the real evolutionary experience opportunities that are surrounding them.
3. Yes, this is always the case, unless that is, they “Know” God – See below.
4. Yes, this is correct. As with the answers above the entity must have planned, and in doing so have the evolutionary content, to be able to work towards the level of being able to “Know” God, me whilst constrained by the limitations self imposed and experienced as a result of being in the low frequencies that are the physical. Once an entity “Know”s God on an intimate and experiential level, NOT Intellectual, the entity can do what ever they wish with the energies that are associated with being in full discourse with their creator whilst being in the physical. This can be performing miracles such as, levitation, teleportation, creating a new house out of thin air, arresting the physical ageing process, total and spontaneous healing of the most severe illnesses or injuries, including bringing back the dead, should the previously incumbent entity wish to be re-associated with the physical, with that vehicle that they were previously associated with.

I hope this helps dear friend.

Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.



Hi Guy,You said that a lot of people have given you input on questions and subjects to ask The Source, I would like to add a few for consideration:
1. Can you go forward and backward in our time line? ( Like seeing who killed JFK )
2. Can you look into other countries secrets, like remote viewing? ( I hate secrets).
3. How about energy from the vacuum? Would The Source help us develop it? ( hints, clues ).
4. Anti-gravity, are we advanced spiritually enough to use it? ( any hints as to how ).
5. Water and food, we could use some guidance, how to protect our diminishing supply of both.
Peace and Light,


Hi D

Answer to your questions below:

1. Time of course does not exist, what we have is event space. the different pockets of event space are always in contact with each other either directly or indirectly and as a result an entity can traverse from one event space to another.
2. When an entity is developed enough to be in a state of cosmic consciousnesses, whilst incarnate, its focus can be anywhere in the multiverse, should it som desire. Remote viewing is a minor function of this.
3. Energy is both everywhere and free to use. all we need is the right mechanism to detect the right energies and store it for our use. when the right time comes the right individual will have the seed of inspiration sown in their consciousness to be able to develop the machinery necessary to detect and gather it. Large Hadron Colliders are definately not the way forward though.
4. Anti Gravity is a misnomer, we would use a device that detected the local magnetic field of the planet we are on and create an equal field large enough to levitate that which we require to levitate. The polar structure of the planets field would then be measured and an opposing fild generated as well to allow a level of attraction necessary to allow movement in any direction. yes we are spiritually advanced enough but we don’t have the technology or the open mindedness to be able to generate the power and the componentry small enough to make such a device small enough to use, in say, a car. The actual use of gravity would require super dense materials (those found in black holes had we the technology to detect and harvest such materials) , which would effect the earths orbit if used incorrectly.
5. The Human body does not actually need food as we know it to continue its existence, we can use the energies surrounding the human energy field to sustain both then energetic content of the human body and the physical aspect. As we increase our base frequencies this will be come more apparent and more people (some Hindu Yogis can already do this) will be able to metabolize from energy alone and not rely on solid foods.
Thank you D

I hope this helps with your truth searching.


A quote from Guy resulted in this response.WalterGuy: God is ALL!

Hi Guy.

Alternatively, one can say “All is God”. Which came first, the Creator or Creation?



Hi W
In answering this question one has to move outwards to that which is beyond God, the Source Entity, to the Absolute (The Origin). In answering your question about God, God itself is both created and creator (creation), when considering our own multiverse. ALL THAT IS, to us, that is! When we consider the Origin as being the creator of our God (Source Entity), which includes the other Source Entities, we have to think of the Origin as being the “Absolute”, the true “All That Is”, which wasn’t created, It just “IS”. It is energy which gained sentience from just “being” that which it is: – energy. So simplistically, our creator was created by its creator, which “IS” energy that gained sentience, Energy that is “THE ALL”.

A Very Good Question. Thank You.


Kia ora Guy,Thank you for this opportunity to ask my question to you.In the truth of GOD is in everyting and in everyone, than how do you explain, “I am the only one on the planet, as everyone is an aspect of me.” What impact do I have on the world, and all wordly affairs?

Thank you for answering this question.



Kia Ora F,

Thank you for your question.

Actually, it is one that needs to be answered correctly as many people consider that God is in everything, which is a misplaced consideration as it places mankind at the centre, and not God .

The statement therefore needs to be turned around to not focus on mankind as being the centre of everything, but that God is the centre of everything.

So, if we consider that God IS everything and not IN everything we get a different perspective, for we are individualised units of the Source Entity – God. Therefore I/WE, are not the ONLY one on the planet with everything/everyone being an aspect of ME. We are ALL an aspect of God. As an individualised aspect of God we are multitudinous in our representation. That is, we are singular whilst being connected, we are singularly together. We are individualised in order to allow us to experience existence in the physical in isolation to each other in order to maximise our experience, learning and subsequent evolutionary content, which, we pass on to the Source Entity – God. This maximises the amount of evolutionary content the Source – God, accrues as we all experience existence differently.

To answer your second part of the question, “what impact do I have on the world and worldy affairs” the Source Entity has an answer for you.

SE: Dear, dear one, I thank you for being a seeker of truth, for this is a very important time for such tasks and for such questions. Your question is a very relevant one at this juncture in event space for every individual has a role to play in the evolution of the earth and the collective that is mankind – incarnate. As an individualised unit of my energies (bestowed with the honour of total free will) you are able, whilst incarnate, to affect the world in a singular way, but by being an example to others, those who work and exist around you, by being a shining light in the dark, you can affect many through propagation. As you affect those around you so do you affect those mutual friends around them, who in turn affect those mutual friends around them, and so on. This work continues until individuals, like you, who have groups of individuals that have been affected for the good of the earth and mankind are dotted around the surface of the earth like a giant dotted matrix. When enough individuals are in place in each of the locations and those locations can be used as a triangulation, those who are not currently affected by the groups but who are in the middle of the area of the triangulation become affected through the change in the energies cause by such triangulation. Think of it like a fluorescent light tube where the two ends or terminals are groups of individuals who are “enlightened to some level”, possibly as a result of the work of one person at each end. When the terminals are energised the gasses in the tube create a luminous arc resulting in white light. When there is a critical mass of like minded individuals at each end, those that are in the middle (in the way) are affected by the higher energies of the two enlightened groups contacting each other through the propagation of mutual energies. The groups seek each other out automatically in this way.
Therefore “leading by example” is how you affect “worldly” affairs whilst being singular and in the physical.

The process is:
1. Leadership through Example
2. Mutual Association
3. Propagation
4. Triangulation.

I hope this helps with your understanding.

Yours in Light


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