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The Origin Speaks



About The Origin Speaks (A video of a reading from an early chapter is below)


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As a progression from the Beyond the Source books (Beyond The Source Book 2 was submitted to my publisher, Ozark Mountain Publishing, July 2012) The Origin Speaks takes the reader, and myself, beyond, Beyond The Source. This book promises to be a real metaphysical treat as those who have read The History of God and Beyond the Source Books 1 & 2 will realize that the information I am channeling is both new and detailed information, never before presented to mankind. In The Origin Speaks I will (and already am) be entering into a dialogue with the “creator” of the Source Entity that created our universe, the entity we call God, and the other eleven Source Entities, the Co-Creators or “Elohim” in religious texts. The Origin can only be described as “The Absolute”, all that there is, the beginning and the end, but even “it”, The Origin, is limited to its own minute knowledge of its “Self”. Hence, the creation of the Source Entities and ultimately, through our Source Entity, the countless billions upon trillions of entities in our multiverse, which of course includes energetic (and incarnate) mankind to assist in its investigation of its detail. All of which were created to help the Origin experience, learn and evolve assisting in the expansion of its sphere of “awareness of self”to a percentage point higher than the minute fraction of one percent.

This book will therefore:

  • Understand in greater detail the process of the Origins “becoming” aware.
  • Discuss why the “Twelve Origins” experiment failed.
  • Establish what the Origin is aware of in its own environment of “Self”
  • Understand what its plans are for the Source Entities
  • Deliver the detail on the entities called “The Om”, entities that are independent of the Source Entities
  • Delve deeper into the mechanics, the energies and other environmental components, that form the structure of the Origin.
  • Give advise on how to exist in the lower frequencies we call the physical universe
  • Advise on our own individual energetic heritage and inevitable ascension into the newly, but not yet available, expanded area of the Origin’s sphere of self awareness, indicating when, how and why it will happen.
  • And much, much more !

[youtube=] This is an excerpt from an early chapter from “The Origin Speaks”. In this reading the Origin tells me about an aspect of the process of its awakening, which includes more explanation on “Event Space”.
Some early text from the start of the book:
O: ……………… So, are you ready for a ride?

ME: Where to?O: That event space where it was all happening for me to become aware.ME: You mean we are going to go there to witness your awakening?O: Yes of course. This will be essential observational work for you to pass on to mankind incarnate. What’s more it will settle a few arguments you have between you all about how the Origin, the Absolute became that which it is.ME: OK but before we move off and witness the process of this monumental event I want to ask one question.O: Ask away.ME: How can event space record that which it wasn’t told to record? I mean, event space, from my knowledge, is usually invoked when there is a decision to be made, and that needs a sentient entity to create the decision point, the reason for the event space to be in existence. Or have I got this totally wrong.O: No you aren’t wrong, just barely educated in such matters. You see, event space does not need an entities decision point, or should I say, its, an entities’ decision to choose one route when two are offered, for as you rightly say it needs a sentient entity to create the opportunity for the introduction of two or more realities. Event space is created when there is a change or potential change  in  anything that was previously considered the norm, the main stream condition of anything, and that includes the change in the environment or the potential change in the environment, due to changes, no matter how small, that creates a before and after condition.ME: So how does it know when it needs to come into play, to create an alternative, a parallel universe?O: In my area of self-awareness there is no such thing as a universe or indeed a parallel universe for they are a product of the Source Entities. You may, in this instance call it a parallel environment, an environment based upon ”all that there is” rather than a universe, for in reality that is what is being created, an environment based upon the area of my awareness.ME: Hold on though, isn’t that re-creating that which you are, The Origin – The absolute – All There is. I though you couldn’t recreate that which you are!O: I can’t recreate me, but, a parallel version of me can be created.ME: But, But, isn’t that recreating you! Isn’t a parallel version of you a recreation of you?O: No.

ME: Why?

O: Because the parallel version of me is a local version of me and not me per se.

ME: Go on.

O: When event space creates a parallel version of that which is subject to change based division it does it on a local basis and not on a total basis. When I tried to recreate myself, and we will discuss this subject in much more detail later, I tried to create the whole of me, of which included the totality of self that I wasn’t aware of at that point in my existence, within myself. Not knowing exactly how expansive I was meant that I created an error in that which was created and that location it was created in. In essence I tried to squeeze those “Origins” that I created into a fraction of that which I was aware of myself, hence them not surviving.

ME: OK it’s a bit clearer now  but you still haven’t told me how event space “knows” when to create a new and parallel environment/ universe or area of local space, aligned or un-aligned to  an individual entity or event. Just how does it do it?

O: It simply becomes available and localised to that which is recognised as a potential change point.

ME: Yes but HOW?

O: You remember talking to Source Entity Ten (see Beyond the Source – Book 2) about triangulation and how “free energy” is attracted to the opportunity for evolution. To multiply or grow by providing the opportunity for increased evolutionary content of those entities within the “triangulation zone” of both directional and inflational triangulation, effectively creating that which it is attracted to – evolution.

ME: Yes I do.

O: Well, it’s a similar process. I will explain. As a result of the possibility for a different possibility being created, event space effectively ends up providing itself as a platform for that which it is attracted to. Event space is itself a product. It is a product of “looped” creation, the creation of the opportunity for variation from that which currently is, to that which could be, both being in existence concurrently. Indeed, it doesn’t even need the inherent opportunity, for if there is an instability in that which “is” then there is the opportunity for at least a dualistic condition to arise in another future but simultaneously occurring  event, therefore giving rise for the opportunity for the energies surrounding these two or/and more conditions  to be in concurrent existence.

ME: Why did you use the word “looped” then? I saw no opportunity to use the word looped in the text above. However, I do have to admit that I have been hearing the words “chicken and egg” for the last 15 minutes and I can see how the chicken and egg concept can be called looped, for it is the unsolvable conundrum, it’s a catch 22 scenario, the one creating the other but the other needs to be created by the one before it can itself, create the one.

O: I see your problem in understanding. I will simplify for you – again. In your current thinking process you are considering that things happen in a linear way. Well, they don’t in reality, but you know this. In the greater reality the chicken and the egg can and do exist concurrently, before and after each other. In this way the one can create the other without the need for the others prior and linear existence.

I can see that you are frowning so I will change the method of explanation. That which event space “is”, “is” attracted to the possibility of duality and its myriad expansion points of additional duality, you can call it geometrically fractal progression if you like. With the possibility of duality being available, the possibility itself creates the possibility of the creation of duality which in-turn creates the agitation in the energies surrounding the possibility of duality and its multiple possibilities to the point of potential and therefore possible disharmony. This disharmony cannot exist in the same space so a new space is created as a solution to the disharmony, a new event space.

ME: So event space is a disharmony of energies based upon the possibility of another possible reality, the possibility of another “space”?

O: No, it is created by that disharmony, the agitation of that which “is”, based upon the need for a dualistic state of being. In essence it is the energies, and other components, that are created by the possibility of possible possibilities………………..

Due to be published soon on Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc

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