The OM – The Uncreated Creations

Welcome to my latest book, my 9th!!!!

Its not in publication yet but it was submitted to my publisher, Ozark Mountain Publishing, for consideration in February 2022.

If accepted, it should be published by the beginning of 2023.

Some of the text is below for your interest.



How the OM Became

How The OM were created, or should I say uncreated, is I feel, explained in enough detail in The Origin Speaks. However, for those readers that have not read The Origin Speaks I will summarise.

The Origin, having realised that it wasn’t able to recreate itself once, let alone twelve times, also realised that the failure to create twelve copies of itself was due to not understanding itself, specifically in terms of its own magnitude. This led to the creation of twelve smaller and quantifiable “Source” Entities. In order to do this, it reused the sentience and energy that it used (individualised from itself) to create the twelve Origins and re-assigned the sentience and energy into smaller groups of sentient energy. It allowed them to become self-aware on their own and then connected (communed) with them to advise them of their reason for existence. 

How can anything recreate that which it is if it doesn’t know what it is in the first place you may ask? Indeed, this is a question The Origin recognises that it didn’t ask before starting its experiment – the creation of twelve versions of itself.

This was the dilemma that it was presented with and is presented with. In essence, and in hindsight, The Origin could only reproduce itself when it had fully understood ALL that IT was on all twelve major levels of its structure. That each major level had twelve minor levels of structure associated with it. And that right now it was only working on understanding the first group of twelve levels within the first major level of structure. This structure is described in short in The Origin Speaks as The Origin’s volume of poly-omnipresent, omniscient self-awareness   and everything that comprises the structure of our Source Entity (SE1) is within the first four levels of the first twelve minor levels of structure, the multiverse we exist within being within the first three. Each level of structure represents an X12 increase in finitude and environmental content from the previous or level below it. This X12 increase is a constant that is throughout The Origin’s’ structure that it is aware of, but not yet in full understanding of, and that which it is semi-aware or even not aware of, but realises must exist. By the time The Origin had worked this out, moved on from its point of “so called” failure and created the twelve Source Entities it had also recognised that it could never faithfully reproduce itself. It was “one on its own, it was “The Origin” and that was that.

After the failure of the twelve Origins creation, such was the urgency in its desire to create The Source Entities to accelerate its evolutionary progression that it forgot to ensure that the combination of sentience and energy that it used to create The Source Entities, was fully reassigned as such. How could The Origin forget to totally reprogram/reassign its sentience and energy from one role to the new role you may ask? The answer is simple. The Origin was, and still is, extremely young and as a result is experiencing, learning and evolving, just as we, as creations of our Source Entity, SE1, are! As a result, it can make simple mistakes or errors.  These errors meant that, in the case of the creation of the twelve Source Entities, some of the sentient energy was still wholly, Origin! Being wholly Origin sentience and energy meant that it was still Origin and as such capable of becoming instantaneously individualised and unintentionally created at the same time as being unassociated with that which any other sentient energy that had the purpose of being anything other than Origin sentience. Provided that is, that there is enough sentient weight to support its individuality.

I remember The Origin describing the creation of The OM in The Origin Speaks.

O: The OM energy was unevenly distributed among the pure Source Entity energy. It was in globules of OM energy, so to speak. These globules remained singular, individualized aspects of OM energy and did not group together. As soon as my intention to keep all of the energies together was removed, they very quickly separated themselves out from The Source Entity energies that they found themselves part of. Those that had enough mass naturally sensed that they were not of the same quality of energy and moved back into the energies that they sensed were their own—the energies being those which are part of my area of self-awareness  . Simply put, they moved back to the place from whence they came! The mass of OM energy and the level of sentience attached to those individual masses dictated how The OM are currently represented within me. The result of which was the generation of the Pure OM, Non-Captive OM, Captive OM, and Source Entity/OM Hybrid, the hybrid of which have varying percentages of mix (see later – GSN).

The quality of the energies that are OM ensured that their level of sentience increased at a rapid rate. Apart from the energies that resulted in The Source Entity/OM Hybrid energies, and much later, other individualized entities created by the Sources for their own evolutionary tasks, all other OM were able to detect each other no matter where they were and within or without which Source Entity they are or were part of.

The OM are, in general, but specifically in the case of the Pure OM, individualized units of me. As each of The OM sought each other out they noticed that their interaction with each other rapidly increased the level of their sentience. At the same time they also noted that they were not all the same in terms of their mass and ability to relocate themselves. Working together, understanding what each of them “was” from an energetic and sentience perspective created a high level of camaraderie within The OM. During this interaction they recognized how special they all were in terms of the noncreativity process that resulted in their creation coming into effect. They noted their limited numbers and loved being in each other’s company. They all fell in love with each and every one of themselves and became beloved as a group of entities as a result—hence the term being “beloved of The OM.” The OM’s ability to experience, learn, and evolve was and is a joy to behold. They have a capacity for evolution that is only equal to a Source Entity, and, noting how much larger than an OM a Source Entity is, this is the most wonderful piece of noncreation I have ever experienced. There is one issue with The OM though, and it is this. They are, to all intents and purposes, me, smaller individualized versions of me, and because they were not created for a specific purpose, they have fully autonomous individualized free will. Because they are essentially me I cannot and do not control them. They do what they want, wherever they want to do it because they do not have a framework within which to work.

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