Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Courses

from Guy Steven Needler

The Following Correspondence Courses are available for purchase.

  • Creating a Psychic Shield. Learn how to create a Robust, Programmable Psychic Shield. (Includes audio guide)
  • Traversing the Frequencies (TTF L1) Audio Level 1. Teaches the method for experiencing the Frequencies up to Frequency Level 14. (Includes audio guide)
  • Traversing the Frequencies (TTF L2) Audio Level 2. Continues teaching the methods to Traverse up to Level 100, where the student can also commence a dialogue with our Source Entity. (Includes audio guide)

Any questions please contact me via this link.

Note: The TTF courses are certified so please advise upon completion of level 1 by sending evidence of at least 10 hours personal practice which is required before Level 2 can be purchased.
(Includes time spent on course. A home work sheet will also be sent as part of the package)

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