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Its in these very difficult times that we all need to remember that dissolving the link with our guru/teacher can only result in our loss of frequency. This loss of frequency and subsequent return to the fully immersed incarnate state is inevitable if we sever the link – irrespective of how we sever it! Even […]
Dear Souls, Please find below a message from the Source that was transmitted today on my newsletter. Blessings Guy SE: The frequencies of the Earth are continuing to fall and although an upward turn is in sight many of you will be experiencing some of the lower frequency thoughts behaviours and actions associated with it. […]
This is the fourth of thirteen questions that have Biblical references. Q: Why was he (Jehovah) instructing death by stoning when certain laws were not upheld? A: He didn’t. The practice of stoning was the result of a misunderstanding and a human desire to control the loss of frequency of the masses at any cost. The statement […]
The Source has a few words to say on the meaning of “Christmas”. SE: The true meaning of Christmas has long been forgotten and is now used almost totally out of context. To understand it meaning the word Christmas needs to be broken into two words, ‘Christ’ and ‘Mas’. ‘Christ’ is a shortened version of […]
 SE: People always ask why a benevolent creator allows the suffering that arises from conflict. The answer is both simple and complicated.  Firstly, those involved in the conflict elect to incarnate into it to be of service to the rest of incarnate mankind. Secondly, they are of service by providing a focus for the rest of […]
Whilst incarnate we are not aware of what we do on an automatic basis energetically, because it is done subconsciously. We are only aware of what we do energetically from a conscious basis. So consciously we know what we do deliberately through the energetic, but we are unaware of, and have no control over, what […]
Observe Experience Record Remember Reflect Forgive Forget (personal intonations) Experientially understand Love Rise above Exist in ultimate knowledge Reflect again Progress And then – Enjoy
Dear Souls, Below is a question from one of my readers on the reality we exist within. Q: What is the nature of reality we live in right now as incarnate humans on Earth? Is it true that we live in a virtual reality? Everything that surrounds us, including our planet and our bodies, consists of […]
Dear Souls, Below is a question from one of my readers on the Conflict in the Ukraine. Q: I thought this planet was in the process of Ascension. Hence we should be seeing less fear, anger and violence and instead, see more of love, peace and understanding on Earth. Well, over the past 4 month in […]
Dear Souls, Below is a question from one of my readers on the benefit of ‘Jewellery and Amulets’ Q:  Jewellery/amulets – I have read that some gurus recommended that their students wear, sometimes, some type of “jewels” or amulets (not expensive)  to help them in some way. Could you ask/tell us if some type of […]
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