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These are some comments from clients who have received an energy based healing from me. “Thank you Guy, I feel better already”. G S, NY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “My back now feels fine – Thank you” Clarence Q, US ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “Dear Guy, I hope that all is well? Just a couple of things to share. The […]
These are some comments from clients who have had readings from me. “Thank YOU so very very much for your most enlightening reading.  I feel privileged to have learned of you!” JG, San Francisco ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Wow, thanks for the quick turnaround.  I am looking forward to listening again.  The reading was immensely helpful and I […]
These are some comments from readers of my books Dear Guy, I have to say that you are my favorite incarnate metaphysician! I discovered you book somehow via a reference on a webcast called 30 Odd Minutes. I briefly looked at your site and made a mental note to explore your books when I had […]
Some of the Comments made by Students after attending the ‘Traversing the Frequencies’ Workshops   Thank You Guy, Your TTF Workshops are truly amazing. I cannot recommend them enough. My sense of Self and therefore my reality has changed in part due to the workshops I have taken with you. Your dedication and service to […]
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