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Dear Souls, I am delighted to announce that the first book of the Word Satsanga Trilogy, Transcribed, Compiled and edited by Ulla Sarmiento, is now in publication and can be procured through via the links below. Kindle Version Paperback Version The book is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers! The Greater Reality is Explained! For […]
Dear Souls, I am delighted to announce that my latest book – The Om – The Uncreated Creations is now available for pre-order via Amazon and my publisher – Ozark Mountain Publishing. Links below Ozark MT Blessings Guy
Dear Souls, I would like to wish all my followers and readers a Happy New Year and a spiritual and prosperous 2017. THANK YOU for your interest in my work. Below is a link to a new page on my website that illustrates some of the early text from my next book – The Curators. […]
The Curators – Gods Maintenance Entities (Due to be printed October 2019) Preorder from via This Link! This book is based upon the dialogues I am having with The Source Entity (SE1) on the structure behind the structure of the multiverse and how its evolutionary efficiency is maintained, and, by who and what. It […]
Dear Souls, I am pleased to announce that my publisher, Ozark Mountain Publishing, has advised me that they wish to publish my sixth book – The Anne Dialogues. This is always an honor because I never expect new works to be published based upon previous performance. The usual time to publish from receiving a contract […]
Karma is only a function of the physical universe, and our true energetic selves, when attracted to the lower frequencies associated with the physical universe, are linked to it. Hence the need to return to it, to break the link, to break the Karmic cycle. Once the link with the physical is broken, the need to incarnate is no longer necessary and the true energetic self can ascend the frequencies, evolving in the process without needing to experience ever again those lower frequencies associated with the physical universe. Self Love, and the love of others is therefore a key to ascension, and when one has finished this book one will be “In Love”, “In Ascension” – Avoiding Karma in the process.
Kosmos is an Anthology of my Father in Law, Dennis Milners, books, The Loom of Creation and Explorations in Conciousness plus new research materials from both Dennis' own work and academic research into proof of the greater reality of spirit, Gods multiverse. Dennis Milner and his co-workers propose that our Universe is part of a living, evolving ‘Kosmos’ that ‘started life’ as an unconscious state of dormant energy. This energy stirred into activity and out of this activity there has arisen a succession of Universes, in which the Kosmos expresses and experiences itself. This desire to express and experience itself in ever-greater diversity is what lies behind, and causes all the developments that take place in the Kosmos. The investigations of science have shown how the Universe and life on Earth have developed, the Kosmos viewpoint shows why it has all happened in the way that it has and the meaning and purpose behind it all. It offers new insights into: The Creation versus Evolution controversy The nature of ‘God’ and Intelligent Design The Big Bang theory of the creation of our Universe How the Big Bang came about within a larger pattern of evolution The structure of the Universe The evolution of life on Earth The nature of atoms and a simple way to unravel their internal structures A basis for the workings of homeopathy The development of shape and form in the natural world The meaning and purpose of our lives
The Origin Speaks takes the reader, and myself, beyond, Beyond The Source. This book promises to be a real metaphysical treat as those who have read The History of God and Beyond the Source Books 1 & 2 will realize that the information I am channeling is both new and detailed information, never before presented to mankind. In The Origin Speaks I will (and already am) be entering into a dialogue with the "creator" of the Source Entity that created our universe, the entity we call God, and the other eleven Source Entities, the Co-Creators or "Elohim" in religious texts. The Origin can only be described as "The Absolute", all that there is, the beginning and the end, but even "it", The Origin, is limited to its own minute knowledge of its "Self". Hence, the creation of the Source Entities and ultimately, through our Source Entity, the countless billions upon trillions of entities in our multiverse, which of course includes energetic (and incarnate) mankind to assist in its investigation of its detail. All of which were created to help the Origin experience, learn and evolve assisting in the expansion of its sphere of "awareness of self"to a percentage point higher than the minute fraction of one percent. This book will therefore: Understand in greater detail the process of the Origins "becoming" aware. Discuss why the "Twelve Origins" experiment failed. Establish what the Origin is aware of in its own environment of "Self" Understand what its plans are for the Source Entities Deliver the detail on the entities called "The Om", entities that are independent of the Source Entities Delve deeper into the mechanics, the energies and other environmental components, that form the structure of the Origin. Give advise on how to exist in the lower frequencies we call the physical universe Advise on our own individual energetic heritage and inevitable ascension into the newly, but not yet available, expanded area of the Origin's sphere of self awareness, indicating when, how and why it will happen.
Some text from the first chapter of Beyond the Source - Book 2 I suddenly had a visualisation. The image that showed the 12 origins external to the original Origin were actually out side of the origins area of consciousness and not the Origin itself. The Origin, only being conscious of a small part of itself, put them outside of this area of conscious knowing of its area. Ascension of the Entities, Source Entities and the Origin is therefore the expansion of the Origins (Source Entities and Entities) awareness and consciousness of self (evolution) to levels higher and further out to that currently experienced by the Origin during its investigation of self. The Origin had hardly started its own self awareness and evolutionary progression. I was advised in a later meditation that the Origin has not even mapped 1% of its totality! ………..
Below is some of the text from my dialogue with Source Entity Five - Beyond The Source: SE5: You are not alone. There are others like you experiencing existence at the lowest of frequencies that are able to penetrate the thin but almost impenetrable veil of the physical into the higher energetic realms. Some of you are even contacting the Origin directly as you are. This is a monumental experience for that part of you that is projected into the lower physical energies, your creator (your Source Entity) and the Origin. Never before has this happened. And what's more, it is happening in an area of your Source Entity that has been allowed to fall down the frequencies as far it could possibility go. And it is gathering pace. Imagine the lowest of the low being in direct contact with the highest of the high. The lowest recognising what it is communicating with and making interesting, intelligent and constructive dialogue in the process. Recognising limitation but not being limited by its limitation. In the Origins mind this is an unbelievable success. This is a level of continuity of expansion of awareness of self and the surrounding environment that is happening at all levels of entity. What's more, it appears to be both sustainable, and, expanding Why would it destroy that? Especially when there is more to come, much more. from ALL of the Source Entities. For the triangulation effect you have previously discussed with your own Source Entity not only applies to entities that are involved in existence in the physical frequencies associated with the entity you call the Earth, it also applies across Source Entities as well.
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