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I am delighted to give my Love and sincere congratulations to the Level 3  Graduates of the Traversing the Frequencies Workshops, held in Santa Fe USA on 27th June in Arkansas USA. They are Patti Bear, Cynthia Boyd (prev L3 graduate,) Ulla Sarmiento, Verona Thompson Blessings Guy
Living in the past is a trap of the physical leading to Karma. It leads to comparison, dissatisfaction, negative reflection and inability to be in the present. The objective of being in the present and not the past is to take that which was experienced in the past and use it to affect correct responses […]
Dear Truth Seeker, Due to popular demand, I am initiating a new monthly Newsletter which is designed to bring the latest information about  ‘The Greater Reality’. If you haven’t already subscribed and you wish to receive this newsletter, please click on the following  link – Subscribe to Newsletter Namaste Guy
Grieving although an essential part of experiential existence in the physical, is if taken too far, a trap of the physical leading to Karma. Grieving itself focuses on personal loss which is augmented by the passage of a multitude of shared experiences based upon physical presence. Grieving brings great sorrow which is not a true […]
Downward spiralling Karma is repetitive (cyclic) Karma that results in the gradual but ever increasing attraction to lower frequency existence with additionally increasing severity. In this instance the accrued Karma attracts more Karma (lower frequencies) the more one ignores the repeated learning opportunity, and actively chooses to avoid the corrective action necessary to arrest its […]
Cyclic Karma is repetitive. It repeats itself in a known cyclic fashion when the incarnate has not quite learnt a specific lesson well enough to ensure that exposure to it will result in the correct “educated” action. Its function is therefore to check ones learning of the process that made the Karmic link in the […]
Incarnate mankind exists in a 2 year sphere, only relating to that which occurred in previous event spaces up to 12 months previously and that event space which relates to ones plans within the next 12 months. Existing in this way results in the constant exposure to similar or same experiences, should one not be […]
Retrospective karma is based upon being pulled back into discussions or arguments about that which occurred in the past or previous event spaces (times). When one is drawn into discussion (gossip) about that which happened in the past, one is not only attracted to the low frequency existence that is based upon that event space, […]
Aligning oneself to divine or cosmic knowledge is to remove oneself from the inaccuracies presented by the lower frequencies of the physical universe. When one is in alignment with the divine one sees through the façade of the physical, seeing it for what it is, a mode of experience designed to accelerate evolution through hardship. […]
Divine love is all around us. It pervades the multiverse and is therefore part of ones very being. However, if divine love pervades everything then why is it not felt by everyone and everything all of the time? The reason for the lack of feeling of divine love is because we get engrossed in the […]
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