Avoiding Karma Revisited – 78

Complaining about one’s position, status, situation, lack of ability, lack of help, health, or even that we feel we have been given a raw deal in some way, is a function of low frequency intoxication. Low frequency intoxication is a karmic function that results in being so engrossed with physical existence, that one forgets that we are here to experience, learn and evolve. It makes one forget that this existence is an illusion, a VERY temporary illusion at best.

We are here, “incarnate”, to experience such low frequency thoughts/ feelings and learn to be the victor of them, evolving in the process.

When one can adopt the very useful tool of the “observer self”, one can identify the occurrence of such thoughts early on, recognizing them for what they are, signs of low frequency intoxication, of Karma  – the Scuba Divers’ “Nitrogen Narcosis” of the incarnate entity, allowing us to succeed in the face of low frequency adversity.

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