Avoiding Karma Revisited – 79

Being “in control” is like colluding with a false friend. Although control is useful if used in situations that require one to control the self and others, such as in emergencies or in situations of crisis, it is detrimental outside of those contexts.

Control is detrimental when one applies it to one’s self and when one applies it to a third party.

When one applies “control” to the “self” during everyday existence one runs the risk of missing that spontaneous response required to support an “out of the blue” opportunity to experience something new. Opportunities that appear “out of the blue” are usually examples of opportunity given to us by our spiritual guide/s and helpers because we either need to change, or need a change. This is called “going with the flow”, which cannot be achieved if one is under too much self-control (being “in control”). In this instance being “in self-control” limits our ability to access higher frequency information, keeping us in the lower frequencies, which, is a function of karma.

When one is “in control” of others (third parties) one is tempted to use those “under control” for the benefit of the self and not for the benefit of the third party. Even though one feels justified or even delighted or joyful of being “in control” the feeling of justification/joy, in this instance, is that aspect of control that tells us it is a false friend – creating karma in the process, for we should not be joyful, or be able to justify being, “in control” of others.

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