Interview with Katerina Todorovic of MysticMag

Dear Souls,

Please find below the link to the interview I had with Katerina Todorovic of MysticMag on 17th April 2024.

In the interview we discuss:

  1. My spiritual journey
  2. How I reconcile the information gained from my spiritual/metaphysical work with my education as an engineer
  3. The transition and pivotal point in which I move from being an engineer to a full time spiritual/metaphysical author, healer, channeller and teacher
  4. How I convey the difficult concepts surrounding the multiverse and the entities within the greater reality to the metaphysical public
  5. How my “Traversing the Frequencies” (TTF) workshops help others
  6. What Karma is and how to avoid it

Blessings and Namaste



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