Avoiding Karma Revisited – 74

As with the incarnate human vehicle, knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to an “animal” incarnate vehicle is not the behavior of an evolved “incarnate” individual and invokes tremendous karma and low frequency attachment. Especially, when the act of doing harm brings pleasure.

One should recognize that the spirits that incarnate as animals are a very special gift to us at this level of frequency, for they provide much needed unconditional love and company.

Animal spirits, although not the same energetically as those who incarnate in the human vehicle,  are also on the evolutionary ladder and respond positively, in this respect, from human love, care and happiness. They are therefore “also” individualized units of our Source Entity, our God.

They, in many cases, take on heavy burdens for us in our daily striving for survival in the physical universe, including being an essential component of the ecosphere, and as such must be respected and maintained in the same fashion as we look after our own incarnate vehicles.

One invokes the antidote to accruing low frequency energy when recognizing the true nature of the animal as being “one with God” and therefore being created in equality with one’s own energetic self. In essence, however, they have a higher level of purity, for they incarnate fully aware of the fact that they, in most cases, are dependent upon incarnate mankind’s good will for their evolutionary progress. This level of purity is something incarnate mankind should aspire to.

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