Avoiding Karma Revisited – 80

Contrast is a little known and mostly ignored function of comparison.

To “compare and contrast” ones situation in relation to another’s, is to judge the difference in that situation and draw a conclusion about its acceptability in the light of the newly acquired “standard” of a potentially better situation to be in, even though it might not be.

If one however, was to use contrast as a means of establishing where one can help another who is less able to provide for themselves, then one can turn this potential opportunity for accruing low frequency karma into an opportunity to accrue high frequency karma and the relative evolutionary content. This is specifically pertinent when one is looking to use “contrast” as a means of establishing what one can provide a group of individuals whose “living conditions” are poor “in contrast” to one’s own. In this instance one is activating the evolutionary content aligned to being of service and not falling down the slippery frequential slope of dissatisfaction of one’s own situation in contrast to a higher standard which may or may not be appropriate.

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