How does the Buddha’s Enlightenment Teachings fit into the Omniverse?

The objective of the entity that incarnated and became known as the  Buddha was to provide the mental vehicle for true enlightenment. Enlightenment being the ability to contact the higher self and understand the real meaning of incarnate life on earth. Unlike Jesus who taught the ways to exist in this lower frequency environment and was to all purposes born with this basic knowledge, the entity that incarnated as Buddha had to first experience incarnate life from all angles before being able (allowed) to be in contact with his higher self and therefore the greater reality.

 The vehicle he tried to teach was a method of gaining communication through the removal of external stimuli (similar to meditation) but to the point where the meditative state was consistent rather than the transient meditative state that is now used. Consistent means that the individual is able to stay in the meditative state of connection with the universe all of their waking and sleeping hours whilst also being able to exist and communicate on the lower physical planes.

This said, the Buddha’s teachings only allow the truth seeker to work within the confines of the Universe and later the Multiverse, not the Omniverse. The Omniverse forms part of the structure of The Origin, which is within and without the Source Entity and therefore is not accessible to the Sources creations – Mankind.

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  1. Chris says:

    Many Thanks!

  2. Verona Thompson says:

    I winder what exists in the Omniverse. How is it different from our Source Entity?

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