Day: 29 January 2014

The objective of the entity that incarnated and became known as the  Buddha was to provide the mental vehicle for true enlightenment. Enlightenment being the ability to contact the higher self and understand the real meaning of incarnate life on earth. Unlike Jesus who taught the ways to exist in this lower frequency environment and […]
Sin is a word that has been abused. The Source tells me that it means “to take the way of Karma” – that being, to freely and willingly adopt a path that reduces ones frequency – taking you further away from your creator. “Original Sin” is therefore the Karmic content (low frequency attractivity) that one has accrued in […]
This is the twelfth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth. Q:  Why do some humans that have a Near Death Experience (NDE) end up in a hellish environment instead of an unconditionally loving world […]
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