What is Sin?

Sin is a word that has been abused.

The Source tells me that it means “to take the way of Karma” – that being, to freely and willingly adopt a path that reduces ones frequency – taking you further away from your creator.

“Original Sin” is therefore the Karmic content (low frequency attractivity) that one has accrued in previous incarnations. Its reduction being the whole point of the current incarnation.

Living a “Sinless” life or “out of Sin” is a life being lived in avoidance of Karma – taking the path that leads to daily communion with God.

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  1. Verona Thompson says:

    Guy, does this coming Ascension remove any and all Karma that has been accumulated in any and all lifetimes? Will future generations (on this planet) no longer deal with Karma? What would other methods of learning lessons possibly be instead? Will Karma no longer be carried over into other lifetimes?

    • We are ascending as we live, well a lot of us are. No ascension does not remove Karma per se, Only ascending to the evolutionary level where we no longer need to incarnate results in zero Karma. Future generations will still have to deal with Karma but they will be much better at recognizing the ability to attract it and therefore negate or even remove it.This may help to reduce the ability to carry Karma over to other lifetimes, or negate it all together. Blessings Guy

  2. Ellen Meboe says:

    To me Sin is to worship anything or anyone who is not the True God.

    • Hi Ellen, Great to hear from you. Yes this is correct. This is because to do so is to worship a lower frequency condition, one that keeps the worshiper low in the frequencies and stops them from knowing the truth, truth that allows one to See, Recognize and Know the greater reality, transcending the need for further incarnation in the process. Blessings Guy

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