Abductions and the Reptilian Race

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the subject of Abductions and the Reptilian race.

Q: Dear SE, I know you have recently answered a question that dealt with manipulation of humanity by external non-human beings. My question is a follow-on designed to clear up this point once and for all. If, as you said, there is no external manipulation, then where does Reptilian race fit in? What is their role/mission? Also, what about half-human/half-reptilian blood lines (so-called Royal blood lines on Earth, for instance)? What about thousands upon thousands of reports from humans being abducted by aliens with reptilian features, who are abused and ill-treated by them, before they are returned home? Please give humanity a full and comprehensive explanation so no more questions need to be asked on the subject and so we can be confident, that some authors  are either telling the truth or grossly deluded. Thank you!

SE: Clearly there is much that is either unknown or misinterpreted by incarnate mankind. Indeed mankind does not even understand what exists in his/her own back yard let alone the local galaxy. Noting that the physical universe is only about 20-25% detectable at the frequency level that incarnate mankind occupies, misunderstandings are bound to happen on a regular basis. The association with so called wrong doing and the relation to the form factor of an incarnate vehicle is one of them. This is specifically noted when the form factor is on the list of mankind’s “abhorrent” forms such as insects, snakes, reptiles and amoeba all of which are not only used on the Earth for lower quality energetic entities to use but are also prevalent in the rest of the physical universe.

Form factor is a result of the environment that the incarnate vehicle needs to operate within and so some are complex, whereas others are simple. Based upon this the relevance of the form factor of an incarnate race who supposedly abduct a human being is irrelevant because all of these forms, and much more, are used in both a primary and secondary incarnate state.

Abductions are a function of monitoring the performance of the vehicle used in a sub-incarnation. When the incarnating aspect (soul) adopts to make a primary incarnation in a higher frequency and then decides it wants to experience a secondary or sub-incarnation in a lower frequency it temporarily (that is for the longevity of the lower frequency vehicle) moves its aspect out of the primary incarnate vehicle and into the vehicle to be adopted for the secondary or sub-incarnation. In doing this both the incarnating aspect and its associates in the higher frequency of the primary incarnation benefit from the experience of the temporary experience in a lower frequency. Part of the experience gathered is how the incarnate vehicle is performing in its environment in relation to the interface with the aspect, its environment and its experiential workload. This is done by removing the vehicle from its environment and taking measurements etc. Some of these include insertion of certain tracking and monitoring devices. The reader should note here that this is just the same as mankind taking an animal out of the wild, sedating it and taking temperature, blood and other samples/information from the animal and then attaching a GPS tracking device before releasing it back into the wild in a dazed and confused state.

Abducting entities are therefor NOT SPECIFICALLY aligned to reptilian form. Their mission, the reptilians that is, is the same as mankind’s, to experience learn and evolve!

As for half blood lines! Hybrid incarnate vehicles have been experimented with by your true energetic selves (higher self, over soul, godhead) for millennium as a method of adapting to the changing low frequency physical environment. It is not specifically reserved for so called Royal family’s.

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  1. Lhinn says:

    Hi Guy,

    Must admit I’m having difficulty with this aspect of your information when there are whole bodies of work that compellingly do not describe abductions as by benevolent beings. I believe SOME of these abductions are pre-incarnation contracts with higher aspects of ourselves, but not all. By calling it our limited human understanding of the purpose of these abductions sounds dismissive and may put us again in a place of disempowerment. I can’t quite put my finger on the cause of my unease but, for example, someone like UK abductee Simon Parkes actually sounds defensive and like he has symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. I do hope I’m not into fearmongering and addiction to drama!

    Please comment. Many thanks.

    • Hi Lhinn, Humans fear anything that cannot be explained in human terms, we also fear certain form’s that we find distasteful, such as insects, reptiles, spiders etc. this distaste is overlaid on higher levels of form that may look the same but can also house a soul. Mankind thinks of itself as being benevolent, but form the perspective of an animal that is taken from the wild and used in vivisection by drugs companies or other scientific research we are most definitely not benevolent. An animal just taken from the wild, sedated, poked, prodded and tagged for research would be stressed by such an event. To the animal both events are a sign that we are not benevolent. Those incarnate entities that abduct humans, those that stress us out, are exposing us to environments and processes that are not in our earthly experience and so cause us stress and fear, even when all they are doing is monitoring us, just as we monitor an animal – NOT that we are animals to them, we are simply another incarnate vehicle, they know this and are working to understand how we are doing in this harsh environment we call earth. I hope this helps. Blessings Guy

      • Lhinn says:

        Thanks very much for this, Guy.

        I take your point on our limited human understanding. I’ve heard of more benign cases where “abductees” (experiencers?) were dropped off in the wrong room in the house or their pyjamas were put back on the wrong way. The point being, in the larger scheme of things, what we might hold important, might not be.

        Perhaps malevolent isn’t the right word but could Beings from lower frequencies who may not have contracts with “abductees” ever be involved?

        What exactly is going on in cases that look like abductions by human soldiers from the future or when the “soul” (soul aspect) of the “abductee” is extracted and put into a clone?

        If an “abductee” did have free will in the contract that would mean they have the choice to end it as they choose. How does one go about ending a contract or removing of tracking devices/implants?

        Thank you again.

        • Hi Lhinn, A soul cannot be extracted from its incarnate vehicle without it being part of the plan. That being, its a soul that has created a secondary incarnation by re-projecting itself from a primary incarnation. It is a very human (fear based) requirement to end a contract that has been made in the energetic before the incarnation itself started.Remember the human soul (aspect) is just a projection from our True Energetic Self (God Head, Oversoul or Higher self – all these mean the same thing) and the human ego – what we think of as “us” is the transient personality that is the result of the separation of the aspect from the True Energetic Self for the short period of time it is incarnate. I hope this helps. Guy

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