The Darker Side of the Light 13 of 20

Dear Souls,

This is the thirteenth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: Did the Source actually create a hellish realm or was this designed by Lucifer himself?

SE: No one created a hellish realm for it does not exist. However, if you want to define what hell is all you have to do is compare what existence is like in the energetic in comparison to that experienced on Earth right now. In direct comparison, the Earth environment itself can be considered a hellish realm!

2 Responses

  1. Ellen says:

    Amen to that Guy! I have always thought that I had my hell right here in this existence. Now that I have chosen to heal from those experiences, I am now open to my heaven.

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