Inaugural Ozark MT Transformation Conference London 31 Aug – 2 Sept 2012

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No Competition – Just Transformation!

Awakening Our Spirits,

Opening Our Hearts,

Creating With Our Minds,

Transforming Our Global Consciousness

Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing present the Inaugural Transformation Conference in London August 31 – September 2, 2012.

Join Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing for this healing, awakening, enlightening three day event featuring inspirational authors and teachers from around the World.

In addition to the Conference, there will be an Exhibition featuring over 20 booths as well as an Entertainment Programme with live music and dancing.

The Conference Speakers will be a blend of those drawn from Ozark’s own pool of fascinating authors as well as others who have been invited to complement to Ozark’s authors as they are able to speak about topics that no-one else is addressing at this level.

Keynote Speakers include Dolores Cannon, Arun Gandhi grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Wayne Peterson, former U.S. Diplomat who served in the Peace Corps and Ex Director of the Fulbright Scholarship Programme along with Special Guest Speaker Ozark author Guy Needler from the UK.

Other Speakers will address topics including Shamballa’s Sacred Economic Plan, Reincarnation, Spiritual Growth and Evolution, Divining the Earth Forces and connection between Mind Body and Spirit for healing, Crop Circles – plus much more!

The Transformation Conference is for at those who seek transformation at a deep level for themselves, their relationships with others and for the Planet.

Dolores Cannon, Founding President of Ozark Mountain Publishing says, ‘join me, Dolores Cannon for three days of discovering knowledge that has the power to awaken, inspire, enlighten and transform ourselves and our relationships with one another and our planet.’

She goes on to say, ‘2012 is just a number.  There is no need to fear anything and we are not all ascending en masse in December, Mayan Calendar or not!’

Dolores will also address the Conference, sharing the knowledge that she has been gathering from her hypnosis clients over many years to do with planetary transformation and what 2012 really means for all of Earth’s inhabitants.’  Her Presentation also includes a Group Forward Life Progression to give the audience a fascinating glimpse into possible future outcomes in lifetimes to come.

August 31 – September 2 2012

Novotel St Pancras

London, England

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For all enquires including please contact Stephanie Bell at or +44 (0)7771774951.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our Event.

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Stephanie Bell.

Communications and Public Relations Director,

Ozark Mountain Publishing.





Novotel St Pancras

London, England

31st August – 2nd September  2012

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Please note that tickets to the London Event includes lunch

Friday, August 31 Registration Desk Open: 8:15 AM – 9:00 AMExhibitors Open: 8:00 AM
9:00 – 9:15 Opening MeditationStephanie Bell
9:15— 9:30 Opening Introduction TalkDolores Cannon
9:30— 10:10 Soul Speak – The Language of Your BodyJulia Cannon

Julia will share information she has gathered from working alongside Dolores as well as through her own work on how our Higher Selves deliver messages to us through our physical bodies to keep us on our chosen paths of development.

10:15 – 10:55 The Language of LightVitaly Safarov


Life’s Akashic Records

Simon Stidever

Both Vitaly and Simon have channelled messages from the Angelic Realms and the Spiritual Hirarchy and will share thier important and fascinating information together in thier Talk.  Each complements the others’ work and will give us a glimpse of how the vibration of the words translated from the scripts they have received can open our hearts and minds.

10:55—11:25 Break
11:30—12:40 Mary Magdalene and the Gnostic Process of Transforming Consciousness Stuart Wilson

After Jeshua left to return to India, Mary Magdalene became the foremost spiritual teacher in the Western world.  Stuart presents his findings from the book he has co-authored with Joanna Prentis, The Magdelene Version.  This is the real voice of Mary Magdalene, suppressed and lost for two thousand years, but now being restored to us at a vital time in human history.

12:45—13:55 Divining the Earth ForceMaria Wheatley

Expert dowser and author Maria Wheatley will reveal the hidden earth energies, ley line systems and esoteric geometries which were integrated into famous sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury and the early Christian churches across Europe.

13:55—15:00 Lunch
15:35—16:45 Shamballa’s Economic Plan for HumanityJacelyn Eckman

Economics is not about economic theory. In fact the study of economics tends to miss the point entirely, which is that it is about relationships, with each other and with the world we live in.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and its collective body, in Shamballa has been offering guidance on this subject for a hundred years and more. But we have not listened, distracted by petty grievances and too many wars, by our fear that if someone betters their lot, then ours must necessarily be diminished.  Economics not just about money, but about our shared interests and common humanity. It is about us … about all people, everywhere.

16:50– 17:40 Healing Ourselves and Our Planet Through Understanding ReincarnationStephanie Bell

As Past Life Regression becomes an increasingly recognised healing modality in its own right it is vital to address the myriad of questions it raises.  While there is no doubt that this kind of Regression can be a wonderul tool to helping to explore our Soul’s path, enabling us to examine then release old patterns, few people fully understand the implications of undertaking this kind of very deep self-examination, and it can raise even more questions and open up information that we never knew we had access to.  The real question then becomes what we should do with it.

This Presentation will include a panel discussion with Stephanie as well as Arun Gandhi.

17:40 – 18:10 Break
18:15 – 19:30 Pathways to EnlightenmentLucy Pringle

As we enter 2012, Lucy believes this will be a transformative year in the crop circle theatre just as life changing events are happening all over the planet.

19:30 – 20:00 Announcement regarding a Special Event on December 21st
20:00 Dinner and end of Day One
Saturday, September 1 Registration Desk Open: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AMExhibitors Open: 8:30 AM
9:00:- 9:15 Opening Meditationwith Guy Needler
9:15— 9:30 Introduction to the DayDolores Cannon
9:30—11:15 The History of GodGuy Needler

Guy will explain new information on the structure of God’s multiverse, why it was created, why mankind was created, its energetic/physical physiological state, including previous versions, concluding with what time and karma really are. Guy then discusses the information received during dialogues with the other eleven Source Entities, the co-creators or Elohim, as referred to in spiritual texts, identifying the structure of their multiversal environments, some of the entities encountered and what they are doing to help towards the evolution of The Origin, The Absolute, “All There Is”.

11:15—11:45 Break
11:50 —13:15 Peace in the Holy LandPalden Jenkins

Author, journalist and teacher Palden Jenkins discusses his findings that there is already Peace in the Holy Land – if we are willing to see it.

13:15—14:40 Lunch
14:45—16:45 Total Non ViolenceArun Gandhi

The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi will speak about lessons learned from his grandfather. How that has helped him understand the philosophy of nonviolence and why he feels it is necessary to share that message with others.

16:45—17:15 Break
17:20—19:20 Humanity at the CrossroadsWayne Peterson

Since the fall of Atlantis, humanity has been spiritually guided by those who stand out of sight, behind the veil, waiting for the time when They can fully reappear again. That time has now come. Thus, Wayne speaks of the story of the reappearance of the spiritual Hierarchy of the 5th Kingdom.

19:20—21:00 Dinner
21:00 – 22:00 Evening Entertainment ProgrammeThe Evening Entertainment Programme will include special performances by Vitaly Safarov and his Irish Dancing Solo, Whitney G Jones, a solo R and B artist from New York. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Ozark Mountain’s sponsored Charity, Gandhi For Children and part of the proceeds wil benefit Lee’s chosen Charity, Missing People.
Sunday, September 2 Registration Desk Open: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AMExhibitors Open: 8:30 AM
9:00:- 9:15 Opening MeditationJacelyn Eckman: The Great Invocation
9:15— 9:30 Introduction to the DayDolores Cannon
9:30—11:15 Hope—Healing Our People and Our PlanetJude Currivan

In these turbulent and transformational times of 2012 and beyond, Jude will reveal an inspiring and empowering message of HOPE. From energetic connections between people and places, how we can release past traumas and fear-based collective patterns to cosmic influences at this momentous time, she will explore the bigger picture and higher purpose of what is unfolding. Crucially, she will share what it means for every one of us and how we can each play our unique role in a Shift of collective consciousness – if, as the Mayans say, we choose to do so!

11:15—11:45 Break
11:50—13:30 The Starseed MissionPatricia Cori

Here to help birth Gaia into the next density, we are remembering who we are and what we have come to do. The Great Shift is upon us! Join Patricia as she explores the challenges and the glory of all that marks our passage from the 3D realm of  our physical reality, through ascension and onward, to our place in the higher realms of light.

13:30—14:30 Lunch
14:35—16:30 2012 and Beyond  – Includes Forward Life ProgressionDolores Cannon
16:30–17:00 Break
17:05—19:00 Closing Ceremony

Presentation of live streaming proceeds cheque to Gandhi For Children.

Presentation of prizes raised from Raffle drawn and presented by Arun Gandhi for Gandhi For Children.  Charity cheque given to the Gandhi For Children Charity from Raffle money.


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