Avoiding Karma – 47

Physical pain is a constant reminder that one is in a physical vehicle that is limited by the thought processes of the incarnate entity. As such it is a link to the low frequency energies of the physical.

Limited is the operative word here for when one is not “limited” by the “thought constraints” of “being the physical”, but are able to work with the greater reality of “being in the physical” but not “of the physical”, then one realises that the physical form is a transient condition that is used for transient moments of experience whilst in the lower frequencies associated with the physical universe.

When one realises this truth one is able to disconnect the physical from the energetic self, removing the mental link to the lower frequencies, and  by disconnecting the energetic self from the function of pain in the physical vehicle, one can live a pain free physical existence, negating the karmic link in the process.

Such mastery of the physical requires dedicated, continuous, unwavering, focused, robust and  intention based thought, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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