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Dear All, Please find below the link to the transcript of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 23rd December 2017 In Association with The Moore Show. World Satsanga 23 12 2017 Many thanks to U. S. for transcribing Blessings Guy
Dear Souls, My latest book – Avoiding Karma is now available on Kindle.please feel free to follow the link below. Namaste Guy
Dear Souls, Below is a question from one of my readers on Mass Karma. Q: When you talked about Mass Karma related to conspiracy theories, can you talk about how this Karma is worked off? Does this Karma also influence the creation of mass event spaces? How is this karma different than individual Karma? SE: Participation […]
Dear Souls, I am delighted to announce that my publisher, Ozark Mountain Publishing, have just accepted my 4th book, Avoiding Karma – a guide to assuring personal ascension, for publication. I offer my thanks to the Ozark team, who have unwaivering faith in my work. Blessings Guy
Remembrance, particularly remembrance of who and what we are, and why we are here, is the ultimate key to avoiding Karma. Through diligent daily meditation the incarnate individual can establish communion with the greater reality and gain comfort that incarnate existence is but a transient part of his/her total existence, whilst understanding their part within […]
Smiling in the face of adversity is an excellent way to remain in high frequency existence whilst incarnate. Smiling in the face of adversity means that one is not consumed by the lower frequencies of the adverse condition but is “in joy” at the opportunity of dealing with the challenge/s presented by it.
Appreciation through mindfulness also allows one to experience the minute detail of physical existence. For example, the work behind the presentation of the food we eat: From the planting of a seed, the growing and nurturing of the vegetable, the harvesting of the crop, the washing and preparing for sale, the delivery from the farmer […]
Appreciation through mindfulness is a very powerful way to tune into the functionality of the physical universe we exist within. If one is mindful enough to see beyond the initial experience experienced, seeing the beauty in the interactive properties of that being experienced, then one can accept every experience, whatever it brings, with appreciation of […]
Being mindful of how we function whilst incarnate is an excellent tool in the battle against gaining Karma. Being mindful means that we give ourselves enough time to think about what our environment is, how we are being affected by the environment, how we are being affected by who and what is in the environment […]
Showing gratitude for a good deed is an excellent way to encourage further good deeds. This can be given if the good deed is personally received or is destined for someone else. Indeed, showing gratitude is a mark of recognition, not only of the deed itself, including its importance, but also that the giver of […]
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