Some Testimonials from Workshop Graduates – “Traversing the Frequencies”

I had read your first two books but I needed the structured, practical approach of the two-day workshop. I have started doing the recommended exercises and I look forward to my own journey up the levels. The significance of the workshop continues to grow in my life.

Joe Meboe, HI

WORKSHOP in Santa Fe, New Mexico: I was most impressed with Guy Needler’s skill of explaining our intent and the path in which we were going to achieve that energetic goal over the next two days. The graphics were equally usefully once I started to image my way above the seventh chakra.

He provided a judgment free atmosphere for the class, encouraging feedback from each student both days.

My personal gain was beyond the skill sets he taught, but rather in the self-confidence in my faith system and energy base from where I work and where I now can project into the matrix. I’d strongly recommend this and any of Guy Needler’s workshops.


Cynthia Boyd, NM

Dear Guy,
I have not been called to do a workshop in a while, but yours did speak to me.
Your brilliant, kind and generous spirit and the friendly, caring group that shared the weekend with us made for and incredible event.  I found it amazing. Your techniques are simple and profound and I have been practicing them ever since. The weekend was full of information, helpful exercises and you created a wonderful, safe container for your work.
I had an awesome experience in almost every meditation and they have stayed with me long after.

What a gift! I highly recommend a weekend with Guy you will not be disappointed.


John Marshall, CA

Dearest Guy,

You and your workshop have been on my mind and in my heart and in practice since attending. When I saw that you were leading a workshop after the conference, I had no idea what it would be about but knew that I just had to attend the classes. I’m so happy I did! I loved them! You led them with a gentle heart guided by the highest energies. It was blissful! The best part was that it was so easy to recreate those energies at home because you so clearly articulated the process that we learned and used in class. I do admit that being sequential can often be a challenge for me, so as I visit the levels, there is no real order involved, and it is fun to see where I go. I’ve learned much and have had great conversations with Spirit in the process. We’ve talked about the infinite number of levels within levels within levels within levels, etc., and the presence of all levels within each level. We’ve talked about the Source Origin and the twelve Origins being repeated ad infinitum beyond human comprehension. It has been and continues to be more than I ever imagined–an unorganized organized way to meditate, to travel, to be–a marvellous gift that I continue to open with each meditation. Thank you!! Love, Light, and Blessings!

IteRa Clehouse, AR

I recently attended Guy’s workshop, Traversing the Frequencies after Dolores Cannon’s 2012 Transformation Conference in Arkansas. I found Guy’s course both fascinating and a practical hands on direct experience whereby one could by will and intent raise the frequencies of ones consciousness to subtle higher levels, develop increased clarity and awakening subtle gifts and talents to share with the world. At this important time of transition, Guy’s class is a must for ease and understanding on our way to higher Truth.

Damion Kirk, AR

“Guy Steven Needler is a wonderful teacher.  His experience with the frequencies shines through.  Each level brings new opportunities for growth and insight.  This workshop is just something you have to experience for yourself – truly amazing!”

Betty Segerdahl, MI

Guy Needlers’ Traversing the Frequencies course works, it’s that simple!
It does what it says on the tin. I am a keen mediator and this course taught me how to structure my meditations and I’m getting better results. It also introduced me to some basic disciplines and it’s made my Guide communications stronger, somehow more real…whatever that means!? Those of you who take up the opportunity of being on the course will find another added bonus; you will meet like minded people who you will be proud to call friends.

Guy facilitates some of the truths about other intelligences in the Universe and will help you gain a closer relationship with God. He will explain the different ways this manifests itself, but in a very down to earth way.

Thanks mate; you’re a good guy doing good things.

Nicola Gordon, West Mids

“My wife Lisa and I have both completed the Traversing the Frequencies Workshops (levels 1 & 2).   We were both amazed and delighted with the information presented and the actual in-class guided meditation practice.   If you would like to take your meditation practice to a wonderful new level, I would highly recommend that you consider taking these workshops.”

Tom Monier, AZ

The level of information was incredible. Beyond all expectation. The experiential exercises were made easy and we reached levels never seen before. This has by far been better than any former meditation experience that I have ever had. I did not know it was possible for me to go to this level of meditation. There were so many things that I enjoyed, going to the level of awareness that we traveled to, the deep peace and light that we were able to experience. Awareness of Source. This experience has been life altering in the most positive way. It continues to feed my soul daily.

I loved this.

Bonnie Reid, AR

“The weekend workshop with Guy was a very powerful unique experience that has helped me take another giant step forward down the spiritual path.  Guy is one humble “guy” who shares his profound gifts with us in an effective experiential way that provides us with immediate feedback and confirmation that we can access these frequencies and build on what we learned in the workshop.”

Bill Poulos, MI

” Guy is a very gifted and patient teacher.   His ability to guide his students through the frequencies is remarkable and extremely helpful.  I appreciate his willingness to share his unique method of traversing the frequencies and can’t wait to see what I learn in his next class.”

Marjorie Hilliard, MI


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