Avoiding Karma – 87

Attachment, in the human sense, that is attachment to another person, is also a very effective way to remain in low frequency existence. In this instance attachment is not love but the “need” to be near, or within, the “presence of” a certain individual or individual’s physicality.
Attachment is therefore a form of materialism, but because it is relative to the need for “personal presence” it is not easily recognized as such.
Attachment affects both the “initiator” of the attachment and the “focus” of the attachment as a result of an energetic link between the two. Keeping the “initiator” and “focus” linked to the frequencies associated with their physicality, which is a karmic function, retards the ability of both “initiator” and “focus” to ascend the frequencies, creating a karmic cycle.
Clearly one creates attachments to loved ones during the incarnate period, but one should not “hold on” to them, “remaining attached” when they are in the process of finishing their incarnation, for this holds both the “initiator” and the “focus” in the lower frequencies.
We plan our exit from the physical in the way that maximizes our experiential and subsequent evolutionary opportunity within a known incarnate time frame. Unfortunately this may not be to the liking of the one who has “initiated” or created the attachment. In this instance one must accept that the exit method is pre-chosen and therefore respect and honor it, sending them true “non-attached” love, cognoscente of the knowledge that, in not having, or actively removing attachment, you are helping them evolve and not holding them back in the lower frequencies of the physical.


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  1. loloastreats says:

    Hello Guy, Is this also true for present relationships? (Not pertaining to people who have ascended) Thanks, Ivonne

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  2. Mary says:

    Hello Guy, apparently most people are very attached to their own body. In cases where dead bodies are preserved e.g. Egypt, or in the recent case where human bodies are preserved for exhibition, what may happen to the ascension process?

    • If they are too attached to their physical vehicle their ascension is inhibited, for instance, with those who think that this life is the one and only life cling on to it and as a result they stay within the frequencies of the physical aspect of the planet. It is only after time and help from guide/helpers that they “move on” back to the energetic – proper. Thank you for asking this question. Guy

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