Thank you for your kind words about Anne

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has given me blessings and condolences for Anne’s Ascension. The Funeral Service is on 14th January 12.00 noon. She will have a woodland burial.

I will be back with regular postings between now and then, as I am now getting on top of the arrangements, and will be available for readings and healing sessions immediately after this date.

Thank you again, and thank you for your patience.


Guy Steven Needler


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  1. rembrant14 says:

    Hop all geos well and think you sir.

  2. My heartfelt love comes your way from the Ozarks, USA.

  3. Ellen Meboe says:

    I think about you a lot, Guy, that you may be filled with peace and strength. It was such a privilege to meet Anne and you this summer. She was so sweet, sincere and friendly, but also strong. I’m thinking she kept you “down to earth” in the practical areas of everyday life, and was an essential part of who you are. Be easy on yourself as you redefine who you are, and learn how to function on your own. Be patient, taking one day at a time, to again find joy and humor in everyday life. With a loss like this realize that a part of you has died. You will not be the same as you have always been. With God’s help you will come out of it stronger and with greater empathy for those you meet. But it takes time. Rest, and do whatever you need to do FOR YORSELF! You are very important to many people. We love you, Ellen (& Joe)

  4. loloastreats says:

    Namaste Guy. Thank you for keeping us aware during this transition in your life. You and Anne are in our hearts and we would worry if we did not hear from you. If there is anything I can do … JUST say the word. Ivonne

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