Avoiding Karma – 82

Happiness is a product of joy and is an outward facing example of joyful existence, thinking and being.
Personal happiness is the long term effect of being “in joy” and bridges the gaps in-between joyful experiences. The “Joy-Happiness-Joy-Happiness-Joy” cycle is a profoundly efficient way of increasing ones frequencies, especially when the experience of joy and the subsequent production of happiness is the result of spiritual activity.
In this way one can accelerate ones evolutionary content whilst enjoying the process of gaining evolution and being happy with the outcome and lasting effects that such gains give. In essence, when one has the “Joy-Happiness-Joy-Happiness-Joy” cycle fully established, one is capable of ever new joy and ever new happiness, without gaps or loss of associated frequency. Indeed, one can and does increase ones base frequency as a result, ascending in the process, avoiding karma.


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  1. Chris says:

    Jung called it Synchronicity, Hazel Courteney called it Coherence but this article is just what I am reading in the Course of Miracles today! It does appear that the smaller the Group, the Greater the Teachings!!! Much work to be done if another 7 Billion people need to be awakened ……….

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