Avoiding Karma – 81

Experiencing joy in ones incarnate life is to touch the very nerve of high frequency existence.

When one “en-joys” one is “in-joy”. When one is “in-joy” one is in tune with all things and all things are in tune with one. This feeling is a sign that one is experiencing the high frequencies of spirit whilst incarnate.

Try to hold on to situations where you are “in-joy”, remember them, take them and the feeling with you wherever you go. Build upon them by adding other times and situations where you were “in-joy”, building a complete picture of joy and what you enjoy.

When one works upon that which brings joy, and is in a continuous state of joy, then one automatically raises ones base frequencies, allowing one to experience new joy, ever new joy, every time one is in joy.

As one experiences high, and ever higher frequencies, one negates the influence of lower frequencies, no matter how hard they try to bring one down. In this process one ascends from the influence of karma. In this way one becomes closer to one’s creator, experiencing the ultimate joy, of being one with God.


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