Avoiding Karma – 8

Avoid being pulled into gossip.

Never start gossip.

Gossip is the most effective way to accrue negative karma experienced by mankind.


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  1. Thanks Guy. Where i live could called the derry city of gossip, If it’s not the weather it’s it’s gossip or who died or whats happening on the news and i seem to get roped in.so thanks for that i’ll be on guard from now on,never liked it any way. Thanks Guy

    • Hi Chris,

      It is only when we have an opportunity to stand back and observe ourselves from afar, that we start to understand that which we do daily and on an automatic basis. Self observation is one of the most essential “first” tools in the spiritual tool box for the dedicated seeker of truth to use in the awakening process.

      Stay Light Dear Brother.


      • Scott Wagner says:

        Guy, when you mentioned standing back and observing ourselves, it reminded me of a story my step dad told me. He used to work at an autobody shop. They had a lot of customers who came into their office with bad attitudes. Someone thought to put a big mirror behind the front desk so that customers had to look at themselves while they were talking. Now when customers came in with bad attitudes they saw how they looked and often immediately changed.

        I remember that story with humor, but it’s a good “real” world example of how we change ourselves for the better when we can observe ourselves.

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