The Source Entity on the subject of Awareness, Enlightenment and Ascension.

SE: Enlightenment is a result of allowing the awareness expand to the point of “knowing” and is a prelude to ascension. That is, when an individual “experiences” on a daily basis, god or cosmic consciousness in a robust and repeatable way that can be turned on or off at will, the individual can choose to ascend “as an individual”.

Ascension can be relative to the individual only or can be collective. However….

Individual Ascension results in the further expansion of awareness and spiritual functionality to that which the energetic self’ experiences, but ascension itself can only happen as a product of allowing the awareness expand to the point of enlightenment.

Collective ascension occurs when a critical mass of individuals are “aware” enough to allow the area they exist within as a group (via triangulation) to rise in frequency, thereby creating an ascension opportunity for those who might not be able to ascend as an individual, but are within the triangulated area of those who can.

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  1. This was on my mind. I was thinking of the Skype meeting and this would raze our frequencies as a group. Great news thank you.

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