Avoiding Karma – 28

The Source Entities Ten Commandments of Avoiding Karma

1. Covert not another’s property. Why would you want to do this, especially if the means by which you live could not support it? Live the best you can by the means you have at hand and be content. Remember you are doing the best you can with what you have and the situation you find yourself in. Also remember that whatever you own is only transient as this ownership is no longer yours when your physical body passes away.

2. Covert not another’s spouse. This also covers husbands as well. The reason you are with your current spouse is either because you have worked together before or because you have some issues to work out together. This could be a pass over from a previous existence or simply the need to work together for mutual evolution. This is an interesting commandment for it is at the crux of the cause of so much karma energy. Of course it means anybody else’s spouse other than your own.

3. Do unto others as they do unto you. Why do you pain yourselves so much by trying to get you own back. It is not a creative use of your energies. Try to put yourself in their position, understand their issues and give them your help and your love, whenever you can. Even if you just don’t like them. Helping them will be a big help for them, especially if it is from someone who they consider their enemy or adversary. It will make them think about themselves more.

4. Help others less able than yourself. This is a fundamental rule for it is the one that has the most opportunities attached to it to help you to evolve. The point here is that you should give help to those who need it when the opportunity presents itself. Remember you are all from the same spirit. Why be selfish with your good health. Share it with others now and others will share theirs with you when your time comes to be less able.

5. Help others less fortunate than yourself. As with number 4 this is a fundamental. Whereas number 4 is aligned to the physical aspects of the human condition this rule is closer to the situation that others find themselves in. Again help others when the opportunity presents itself. The help can be as benign as getting the shopping, servicing their car or buying them a meal when they need it.

6. The universe is yours, forever. Why get hung up on ownership of physical things when the whole universe is yours for the taking should you take the time to realise it and work with it. Humanity is hung up on ownership of the Earth; no one owns the Earth for it is an entity in its own right. Once you realise that you are able to go anywhere, anytime and enjoy the universe and the earth in its entirety why would you want to pin yourself down to a small section of it. Ownership of land and other physical things is OK as a comfort blanket, but in real terms, when you are fully awakened to the reality that is around you, you really don’t need to own or link yourself to anything

7. Worship not graven idols. This is relatively easy to follow in this day and age for there is a greater level of understanding than there was a couple of thousand years ago. In essence this also works for churches as well for they are a larger version of the graven idol. Why worship the physical when you can meditate upon gaining access to the energetic (spiritual). The initial use of an idol was to give the initiate (a student of the truth, the real truth!) something to focus upon when engaging in deep meditation. It has since been taken completely out of context and is no longer a requirement in today’s society.

8. Honour your parents. This is mainly due to the need to help your parents when the physical body decays to the point where they are no longer able to contribute to the community in the way they used to. This is especially relevant in the last few thousand years when the knowledge and command of the energies of the universe has been lost to most of those who are incarnate in the physical. The older generation are none the less useful in old age as they have all the knowledge of the past to give to you and your children. Without them you would not appreciate your roots in many things and would lose the fundamentals. Without the fundamentals the house of knowledge is but a pack of cards arranged in the shape of a house. There have been many races that have been laid bare, exposed to the elements and with nowhere to go as a result of catastrophe because they no longer had sight of the basic fundamentals.

9. Do not tell lies about your Neighbour. This is again another general issue that needs to be observed as it is another major opportunity to gain karma energy and slow your own evolution down by being dragged down the frequencies. Why would you want to tell lies anyway? If you have done something wrong own up to it and accept that you are in an opportunity to experience something else in the physical that will be of benefit later. This also covers the terrible habit of gossiping about someone to try to gain favour with others around you. Eventually this back fires and costs you more karma energy than you originally accrued. Worse still it also costs the person you gossiped about as they generally, unless they are more highly evolved, will want to get one back on you which, invokes karma energy.

10. Steal Not From Your Neighbour. Why steal at all. This is not necessary as what you have is what you need to experience life in the physical according to the plan you laid out. The Lord, me / you shall provide and we do. Everything is provided to ensure that your “sortie” on earth and in the lower frequencies is at its most optimal evolution wise. This is another way to gain massive Karma energy as invariably you end up lying to cover yourself after the event of stealing.


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  1. All true and reminder well needed.Thank you teacher. Namste

  2. loloastreats says:

    I felt great AHHHH and delight reading and living by the 10 Commandments from The Source Entities.

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