Oneness is a State of Being

Oneness is a state of “being” in tune with that which is around you. It is achieved in five stages

Recognising that we are we are “all one” is the first stage.

Recognising that we are “all one” with the flora, fauna and insect life on Earth is the second stage.

Recognising that we are “all one” with the environment – the Earth is the third stage.

Sitting quiet and tuning into the energies of us all, with the flora, fauna and insect life, with the environment – the Earth allows us to feel, experience and know this reality is the fourth stage.

Knowing that anything we do, can and does, influence anything within our environment and therefore anything we do, we do to ourselves, because we are one with it. When we know this we have reached stage five and are at peace with ourselves, our acquaintances, our flora and fauna, and our environment. We have reached a state of “being” in “Oneness”.


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