A question on the Mechanics Surrounding Incarnation

The following is an interesting question from one of my readers on the mechanics of event space surrounding our incarnations

Q: I have seen what would appear as a “past life” in Mexico around the turn of the 20th century. Also, I have seen what would be a “future life” about 130 years in the future in Chicago. Is it your opinion (or SE1’s) that these are parallel universes I am connecting with and not actual physical incarnations?

A: Yes, these are in different event spaces, but one “the future one” can be classified as another incarnation as well. The one in Mexico is not specifically at the earlier part of the 20th century but is an area in Mexico that appears to be “old world” in its presentation. (This answer was based upon my logging into my readers energies, the question below is more generic)

Q: So, do I have but 1 physical incarnation per event space? And, is the event space defined by the duration of my physical incarnation, personally speaking. Would all the different physical incarnations have their own separate event space and therefore cannot be bridged or traveled physically with the same “body”, so to speak? Is the same “amount” of energetic content projected into each separate event space in which I am having a physical incarnation always equal? Are separate event spaces the same as a parallel reality or are parallel realities created by “intention” and not “physical action”?

A: Each event space has a physical version of you and each event space has a longevity based upon the longevity of the physicality within it. The content is based upon the level of interaction with the event space’s environment and the level of feed-back each physicality has with it. Everything is in parallel but remains separate, unless of course two event spaces merge as a result of similar dualistic functions or a physicality demises.

The physical vehicle cannot traverse event spaces itself for it is linked to a particular event space, however the consciousness can traverse event spaces for it is not constrained by the physicals’ link to the event space it resides within. Each event space IS the parallel condition.


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  1. Hi Guy,
    That brings up another question re: your counts of incarnations. When you say that somebody has for example 1000 incarnations on Earth and another 4000 incarnations in the rest of the physical universe, are all those incarnations considered to be parallel (event space based) or are they concurrent (simultaneous in the now) incarnations or what? Thanks, Ulla

    • Hi Ulla, Depending upon the use of event space they are both. That is if event space is used as an observational medium by the True Energetic Self it is all concurrent. if we look at the accrual of experiential information relative to the projected aspect of the True Energetic Self then that would be linear. This is because event space is generated automatically by the possibility of a dualistic condition creating parallelism. Except though when an entity decides to actually manipulate event space (i.e. create the multiplication of it) to allow as may aspects as possible to be used in both a simultaneous and parallel condition.I hope this helps. (this description is within the text of my current work in progress – The Origin Speaks. Blessings Guy

  2. Shane Huston says:

    Have you seen this before and does the Source agree with what the author says here?


    Shane Huston, MCSE

    • Hi Shane, No this is the first time I have seen this. It is interesting. The Source tells me it is a good start – but time doesn’t exist so the function of 10 dimensions plus time is instantly flawed. However, What It did find interesting is the content, which to its mind went some way to explain “event space” rather than the structure of a dimensional environment. It says Mankind get bits an pieces of information from here and there and tries to stitch them together, even when totally unrelated. I hope this helps. Guy

  3. Hi Guy
    Is it possible that we can be aware of our several incarnations, aspects, shards or projections that come from our True Energetic Self and are these happening in the same event space?
    Thanks, Adriana

    • It is possible to be aware of the other aspects and shards that are projected from our true energetic self, but that would require a VERY evolved individual to have this level of functionality whilst incarnate. These aspects and shards would be in their own event spaces, as we all are, but event spaces can be shared for certain period of time, as we are sharing this event space now. 🙂 Blessings Guy

  4. kipwoods says:

    Namaste 😉 Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 17:16:21 +0000 To: chriswoods@live.co.uk

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