The Darker Side of the Light 5 of 20

This is the fifth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: Do the dark forces interfere with other worlds besides Earth?

SE: Clearly there are other planets within the physical universe and some of these, but not many, are similar in frequency to those currently experienced by the Earth.

If one is to think of the lower frequencies as the “dark force” and those incarnate entities within the physical universe, those that are focussed upon the material aspects of incarnation as “dark forces”, then the answer is yes, dark forces do interfere with other worlds besides Earth.

The main thing to note here though is that the adverse behaviour of entities that incarnate within the lowest frequencies of the multiverse is largely due to low frequency addiction and not a premeditated need to do dark or low frequency deeds per se. Based upon this so called dark forces interfere with other worlds as a function of the energetic entities being fully immersed in the incarnate condition, and not as a function of certain energies of low frequency having intelligent thought processes and coercive ability. Although, very locally low frequency energies can be given independent purpose/intelligence as a result of directed intention, consciously or unconsciously designed or created for a specific purpose by an incarnate or dis-incarnate energetic entity.

Energies given independent purpose/intelligence are usually described as Astral entities. These entities are NOT sentient and are short lived.

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