What are the Reptilians – In Short

The reptilians are basically a vehicle for our true energetic selves to incarnate into. Some are low frequency like the human form, and others are higher frequency and therefore invisible to the human eye and our detection devices.

There is no such thing as reptilian spirits, as all spirits, that is the true energetic self which is much, much larger than that aspect which is projected into the physical vehicle, are the same type of energy, largely, with all being created in equality by the Source.

The earth is surrounded by entities that are of a higher frequency when incarnate, invisible to us in our human form, and some of them, both low and high frequency are of a form factor that are reptilian, or similar. The higher the frequency the more benevolent the incarnate being, but lower frequency incarnates of any form factor can be malevolent or benevolent or a mixture of both. Technological advancement is not a measure of benevolence or malevolence and as such should be ignored. Evolutionary content is, and can be used as a metric in this sense.

“We” will not evolve into these vehicles (reptilian or others) for they are simply one of a plethora of different vehicles that part of us descend’s the dimensions and frequencies to experience the low frequencies of the physical universe with. Consider all physical bodies as a “diving suit”, only used to experience the low frequencies of the physical.


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