What are Abductions – In Short

Abductions are an interesting occurrence  where we incarnate as a higher frequency entity within the physical, of which experiences a longer existence, and then, decides to work on a lower frequency within this “incarnation period”.

This lower frequency may be such as, where the human form resides to incarnate, and experience the lower frequencies as a ”sub” level incarnation. The original higher frequency vehicle or body is therefore held in a level of stasis whilst that aspect of the “true energetic self” that initially used this vehicle, temporarily uses the human form.

The human form is monitored by those entities associated with the first “higher level” incarnation. At times the sub-incarnation therefore, as part of the monitoring of the sub-incarnate form, is removed from its natural environment so that its integrity and functional performance can be observed and recorded.

This is a general thing that happens and is not specific to one physical form.


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