Traversing the Frequencies meditation (TTFm) Level 3 graduate

Dear Souls,

I offer my congratulations to Taylor Wilson for completing his TTFm Level 3 certificate.

He is now one with the Source.



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  1. Kirsty Anderson says:

    Hi Guy, did this person do a private course/session with you for Level 3? How is it only one person, I thought you only did a class of people?
    When are you going to do a UK workshop??

    • Guy Needler says:

      Dear Kirsty.

      Thank you for asking for clarification.

      This graduate took levels 1 and 2 via correspondence course, I then worked with him 1:1 to achieve level 3. It happens this way some times.

      Most workshops are organised by an interested student, who benefits with a free workshop.

      If you are interested in organising a workshop in the UK please contact me via email.

      Blessings Guy

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