Avoiding Karma Revisited -1

Dear Souls,

I very much feel that the ambient frequencies of the Earths population is on a continued downward trend, one that I expected to reverse by now.

Indeed we have all become more materialistic, more status driven, more selfish, more self serving in our thoughts, behaviours and actions – addicted to low frequency behaviour.

All of this is a function of how we relate to the low frequencies of the physical and those that we interact with – how we are driven to incur Karma.

I published a book called Avoiding Karma a few years ago, which of course is available to one and all via Amazon but purchasing this requires an determined action that takes one out of the downward Karmic spiral – which is difficult at best.

As a result of this continued drop in frequency I very much feel that we need to revisit the blogs I originally transmitted that illustrate how to “Avoid Karma” so that they arrive at you computer once a week.

If we study and work on each aspect of how to Avoid Karma once a week we could be in a very good Karma free position by the date of the last transmission.

Avoiding Karma Revisited – 1

The first stage in avoiding karma is not to react to the taunts and jibes of those we interface with, but to see them as beings on an evolutionary path, as we are. Look beneath the words and actions of the accuser for the greater meaning. Be that of tolerant and benevolent observer, understanding the experience of the lesson we are offered by them, react with compassion and thanks, evolving in the process.


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