The God Particle (Higgs Boson) – A Clarification by the Source Entity

With the rather exciting announcement that scientists had potentially discovered the “God Particle”, the Higgs – Boson, I asked the Source Entity to clarify what was actually happening.

SE: Dear one,

To look for a particle that is, in singularity, to lead towards “Me” is folly for all particles are part of my multiverse and my make-up, irrespective of the dimension and frequency of such particles. If one is however, looking for a specific particle that is the start point – the glue that sticks it all together, then man’s machines will never find such a particle, for such a function is beyond that of the physical in all its frequency bases.

To see the foundation, the building blocks of the multiverse, including that part of it called the physical universe, one needs to disassociate oneself from the physical by expanding the consciousness to that level required to allow cosmic consciousness to be prevalent. Cosmic consciousness being that attained when one is in full contact with that energy associated with the greater aspect of self that remains energetic – dis incarnate.

ME: So, what have the CERN scientists discovered?

SE: Nothing more than a shadow of a trace of a particle you may call a “tachyon” for want of a better word. For momentarily they created a faster than light condition in the accelerator that manifested itself off the back of a photon being hit by an electron, momentarily accelerating it beyond its normal velocity. Its period of manifestation was so very small though that it was lucky they detected it. They will not detect a full trace for to do so would create a condition that is  unstable in this dimension and frequency set.

ME: So is mankind wrong to use such brute force?

SE: Mankind is being allowed to follow dead ends so that they may eventually do a “U” turn and look at the problem from a different angle, one that wasn’t so abhorrent to the nature of the structure of the local universe.


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  1. Joe Meboe says:

    Thank you, Guy, for addressing current issues, particularly regarding physics.
    Joe Meboe

    • Thank you Joe. Its a pleaseTo follow Guy’s Latest News and receive notifications of new posts on Spiritual Physics by email please insert your email address in the space below and click on the “Sign Up” Button.ure to be of service.  Best Regards,

      Guy Steven NeedlerAuthor and Pioneer in Spiritual Physics UKA General Secretary, website:

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