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kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Fifth of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


3a – A Simple Technique for Unravelling the Atom

In Article 1, we described how our electrophotography appeared to register auras around leaves and etheric forces forming organic shapes.  Another phenomenon that we recorded in our electrophotography was that of ‘activity tracks’.  These were registered when we put a disc of wet filter paper in the sandwich arrangement and used a lower voltage of 5kv, compared with that which gave the other registrations (usually about 15kv) and a longer exposure time of 10 or more seconds.  Their occurrence built up with increasing time of application of the pulse, so much so that with an exposure of 30 seconds the registration of tracks became very congested, fig.7.


Fig. 7.  An example of the morass of ‘activity tracks’ that registered on the positive side of the sandwich when a 5kv pulse, that had no immediate effect, was maintained for 30 seconds with a disc of wet filter paper in the sandwich arrangement.

In our experimenting to try to understand what these tracks were, we found that we got them when we carried out the experiment in a chamber into which we passed air that had been bubbled through water or simply put a dish of water in the chamber but they did not occur when we filled the chamber with dried air.  This suggested that they were associated with water vapour in the air between the plates. (The ‘chamber’ was a desiccator, where we replaced the glass lid with a thick Perspex plate through which we could fit electrical, vacuum and gas connections),

In the early 20th century two Theosophically-oriented mystics, Besant and Leadbeater, claimed to be able to enter into a state of consciousness, by a technique taught to them by Indian yogis/mystics, in which they could will back the environment around an atom and the atom thereby ‘opened up’.  They were then able to focus their consciousness so as to perceive the atom’s internal structure.  The essential feature of Besant and Leadbeater’s observations was that physical atoms comprise assemblages of much smaller ‘etheric atoms’.  At the basis of all substance are two ‘ultimate atoms’, fig.8 for which they used the Sanskrit name ‘Anu’.  They stated that if the origin of these ultimate atoms is traced further back, then one enters the spiritual or astral world.  These ultimate atoms have currents of force entering and leaving them and the difference between the two ultimate atom types is that in one the force comes from the spiritual world into the etheric atom, whereas in the other the force flows from the etheric atom into the spiritual world.


Fig. 8. The two types of ultimate atoms or Anu observed by Besant and Leadbeater.  Both types comprise spirillae of activity that form a heart shape with a depression at the top. In the positive Anu the flow of spirillae is clockwise downwards from the top and back up again, while in the negative Anu it is anticlockwise.

In Besant and Leadbeater’s account, the two types of Anu are combined together in various numbers and configurations to form a second level of etheric atoms.  The second level etheric atoms are combined together to give rise to a third etheric level and the same thing happens again to give rise to a fourth etheric level which manifest as gaseous atoms.  In this way, Besant and Leadbeater claimed, physical atoms comprise large numbers of Anu.  Hydrogen contains the smallest number of 18 Anu, while heavier atoms contain many hundreds or thousands of Anu.  The Anu are organised and grouped together in various ways to form the atoms of the higher etheric levels.  The higher etheric atoms are in turn grouped together to form physical atoms.

On the basis of the viewpoint expressed in this article, that creation goes through cycles of development, in which in each cycle a universe is created that is a reworking and extension of the previous one, this is how these complex atomic structures have been built up.

Over the period 1895 to 1933 Besant and Leadbeater described the structures of all the elements of the Periodic Table and a number of compounds.  They found that the number of Anu in each atom corresponds with the atomic weight; that is, taking hydrogen which contains 18 Anu as the unit of atomic weight, then dividing the number of Anu which they observed in the atom of any other material by 18 gave its atomic weight as determined by science.  In 1951 Jinarajadasa gathered together the results of these investigations, and some associated material1. Particularly remarkable is the fact that Besant and Leadbeater, in the early 1900’s, from their clairvoyant investigations, described sub-structures to atoms, that scientists have only recently become aware of.  They also described the structures of atoms of substances that, at the time, scientists had not discovered and the structures of isotopes, the existence of which was not then known to scientists.

An atomic physicist, Stephen Phillips has made a detailed comparison of Besant and Leadbeater’s descriptions with current scientific concepts2.  Phillips relates Besant and Leadbeater’s clairvoyant observations to the structures of atomic nuclei and finds that there is a considerable degree of correlation between the two viewpoints.

Some of the ‘chains of activity’ that we registered in our experiments conformed to the descriptions by Besant and Leadbeater, of chains of heart-shaped ‘beads’ and duplex chains which intertwine and chains which, prior to unwinding are coiled spiral-wise, fig.9, and this led us to think that the electrical stress somehow caused atoms of water molecules to ‘unwind’ and it was this that registered on our plates.

a  Homeopathy AAA

bAtom B

Atom C  d Atom D

Fig.9.  (a)  Chains of heart-shaped registrations. (b); (c) and (d), a selection of the other types of registrations that we observed.

To be continued….



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